Giant Space Invaders Frenzy

Giant Space Invaders Frenzy - bigger than ever.

Giant Space Invaders Frenzy a remake of the popular classic arcade game

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  • Giant Space Invaders by Raw Thrills

Remember this old classic game? Space Invaders is one of the earliest shooting games most addicting games ever built. The Giant Space Invaders Frenzy is back and bigger than ever! Giant Space Invaders Frenzy is the remake of the iconic classic game, this time with simultaneous 2 player action played on a giant monitor 8×6 feet large with oversized “laser” guns.

The idea of the Giant Space Invaders Frenzy game is very simple. You are a space ship who must destroy the invading enemy space ships as they descend upon your little world. Use the buttons to fire the gun at the enemy and blow each ship to pieces. Be careful, these ships fire back and as you deplete the enemy space ships, the space invaders get faster and faster until the last remaining ship appears to move at near warp speed. To ensure you stay alive as long as possible, hide behind the walls and develop a run-and-gun mentality. Try to blast out whole rows of space invaders at once as it makes it easier to shoot into a crowd rather than pinpoint each individual ship.

Giant Space Invaders Frenzy combines several new technologies into the game to create a unique gaming experience. The monitor is 8×6 feet large LED billboard that provides high visual contrast that cannot be replicated on any large TV monitor. The game also uses the new gun technology and new sound system with subwoofer inside the seat that gives explosions an extra “punch”. The game is suitable for any age group.

Please note: Giant Space Invaders Frenzy is a very large piece of equipment, for delivery we require 10-foot tall ceiling.

Dimensions:68"W x 120"L x 120"H
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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