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H2Overdrive arcade game for rent

H2OVERDRIVE is a spectacular interactive arcade a powerboat racing simulator that delivers rich graphics on a 42" high-definition LCD. H2Overdrive is the sequel to Hydro Thunder by delivering high-octane water action with just a steering wheel and throttle. H2Overdrive offers a selection of nine high-tech powerboats that cruise seven waterways from around the world. As players speed through the game, numerous jumps, deep drops and secret paths create excitement, different booster levels enhance boat performance and stunning wipeouts make big splashes.

H2OVERDRIVE is equipped with forced feedback steering and superior throttle control, the new boat racer provides realistic tangible feedback that helps simulate the effects of water physics. A subwoofer located in the seat further immerses the player into the high-speed nautical experience. There are 40 levels in the game, and players earn new capabilities at each. Super boost kicks in at level 2, for instance, and the ability to perform midair stunts is earned at a later stage.

H2Overdrive is packaged in a newly designed cabinet, giving it a much different look than original Hydro Thunder. Up to eight cabinets can be linked for competitive play. Players can create and save their profiles to resume play at a later time.

(Dimensions 44"W x 67"L x 84"H)
(Power 120v AC, 5amps)

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