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Tournament Cyberball 2072 Arcade Game

4-player game futuristic American football strategy platform video arcade game.

Tournament Cyberball 2072 Arcade Game is one of the most requested video games for rent. Tournament Cyberball 2072 Arcade Game is a 4-player game futuristic American football strategy platform video arcade game. Made by the legendary arcade game manufacturer ATARI Games. The game is incredibly addictive and will grab your attention as soon as you start playing.

In Tournament Cyberball 2072 Arcade Game, two teams are facing each other. The game is set in the distant future of 2072. This football title exists in a world where robots have replaced the players. The good news is that there are no longer concerns about devastating hits causing life-threatening concussions. The changes to the rules have not been kind to the robots. Instead of playing the game with a traditional football, you must handle a live bomb that grows increasingly unstable. The longer you have possession of it. The only thing that can reset it is to cross the 50-yard line or score a touchdown. Players can upgrade their robots with money from the team. Don’t be the last one holding onto the ball when it explodes, or else your robot will be turned into a pile of nuts and bolts.

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Dimensions: 55"W x 36"L x 79"H - dual cabinets
Power: 120v AC, 3amps
Weight: 475lbs

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