Wedding Photo Booth

The original Auto-Photo Model 17, restored to its former glory!

Wedding Photo Booth - Vintage Photo Booths

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  • Layout #7 4-pose split logo
  • Layout #7 4-pose single logo
  • Layout #8 - 3-pose with logo
  • Layout #5 4-pose
  • Layout #6 4-pose
  • Wedding Photo Booth
  • Wedding photo booth side detail
  • Wedding photo booth floor detail
  • Wedding photo booth detail of the original door with reflective glass
  • Wedding photo booth is original Model 17 Auto Photo
  • B&W prints comparison: digital vs. original

Wedding Photo Booth is the last of the series from the San Jose Flea Market that was the home of this photo booth for over 40 years. Just like the Carnival and Black & White photo booths even frequent visitors and users of he booth will not be able to recognize this machine after its restoration. This is the original image of the booth before the restoration.

Original image of the photo booth from San Jose Fleamarket before restorationOriginally printing black and white chemical photos and producing the memorable 4 pose photo strips, it is now outfitted with the latest digital camera to reproduce the same quality color or black and white images, just like 40 years ago.

All the original photo booths have spinning chairs and were design for a single person. The booth is open on both sides for easy access and can accommodate 2 patrons comfortably and with a little imagination we have seen 4+ patrons inside the booth.

We offer several customized layouts with your own design, logos and text. Our staff will work with you to make your layout match your theme. We can even print the original 4 pose strip format in digital format closely resembling the original black and white photo strip.

Wedding Photo Booth features:

  • the booth is dressed up in formal white and black color to fit any event
  • High quality images printed in less that 20 seconds
  • the photographs are dispensed on the side of the cabinet for high turnaround
  • 3 or 4-pose vertical photo strips
  • User selectable color or black & white images
  • Print size 4″x6″ or 4″x8″ high quality glossy or matte photo paper
  • Customizable graphics and background
  • High turnaround and easy to use
  • Capable of up to 50 prints per hour
  • All images are stored and will be downloaded after the event

Dimensions:31"W x 64"L x 74"H
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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