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After 24 years Daytona is back!

Long anticipated release of sequel to the greatest of the racing simulators of 90’s era is back: Daytona Championship USA. This is the 3rd sequel to the Daytona racing simulator line. Video Amusement is the first company in San Francisco Bay Area to purchase a pair and we couldn’t be happier. We have already seen the prototype games at several trade shows, but having the actual production games in our warehouse is a gratifying moment.Daytona Championship USA just arrived.

We have not seen a racing simulator like this before! Just like the original Daytona USA, this game is ahead of its time. Beautifully built cabinet, with LED lights, illuminated “engine” in the seat, 32-inch monitor in the game marque, spectacular HD graphics on 48-inch monitor and exiting game play makes this Daytona Championship USA 3 release an instant winner. All these beautiful upgrades come with a huge price tag, but we feel it is all worth it.
Double monitor with multi function display on Daytona Championship USA game

Bright colorful seats with LED light on Daytona USA.

the controls did not change on the new remake of Daytona game

Daytona 3 went overboard with the decoration on the new games.

Daytona Championship USA 3 colorful display of lights