LED Games

LED Games

Video Amusement is proud to introduce our new collection of LED games! Has there ever been a time you wanted continue playing games, but the sun went down and it’s too dark outside to play? Well, not to worry! With Video Amusement’s new LED light up games, you can enjoy these games at any point in the day- even in complete darkness! Our LED Games will be sure to light up any event you throw! Your guests will absolutely be impressed with all the lights and action you are bringing to the party. What is even better? You can customize our LED Games with your logo, customer graphics or the lights to match your corporate colors or your favorite sports team to make sure your event stands out!

We offer a large selection of LED Games for rent. Some of the LED Games are unique custom built here at Video Amusement and some are purchased directly from a factory already outfitted with LED lights. Here is a partial list of our current selection of LED Games for rent: Lane Master bowling by UNIS, Skeeball by ICE, Foosball by Tornado, Air Hockey by Dynamo, Shuffleboard by Grand Champion Shuffleboard, Crane Games – Price Cube, Corn Hole, Pool Table, Ping Pong, Giant Corn Hole, Bocce Balls, Basketball by ICE, Strike a Light, Catch the Light, Giant Lite Brite with custom LED illuminated table and more.

Please call us for more information about our LED Games and customer branding graphics & wraps.

LED Pool Table
Play the game in total darkness

Video Amusement is very excited to announce our newest addition to the LED family – the LED Pool Table. We took your Black Cat pool table made by Valley/Dymano the best commercial pool table on the market. Valley/Dynamo table are all American made with highest quality materials and standards. These commercial bar style pool table with solid playing surfaces and […]

Daytona Championship USA 3
Daytona 3 available from Video Amusement

Daytona USA racing video game is back! Long anticipated release of sequel to the iconic Daytona USA racing video released in 1993 just arrived: Daytona Championship USA 3. Original Daytona USA racing arcade game is one of the highest grossing arcade games of all time. It is one of the most requested racing games by […]

LED Lane Master Bowling
Colorfully LED illuminated bowling game.

LED Lane Master Bowling is a video bowling alley concept that brings a traditional bowling alley to any location. The game blends the physical fun of an alley bowler with versatility of a video game. LED Lane Master Bowling for rent is designed and plays like a traditional alley bowler with a durable, smooth lane surface […]

Ice Ball FX LED Skeeball
ICE Ball FX LED Skeeball games with electrifying LED lights

Introducing Ice Ball FX LED Skeeball from Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE Games). ICE Games has brought us some of the most popular and iconic games such as NBA Hoops, Super Chexx, Major League Baseball, NFL 2 Minute Drill, NBA Hoop Troop that we will find not only in our current game portfolio, but they […]

LED Hoop It Up
LED Hoop it up game is for rent from Video Amusement

LED Hoop It Up – new brand new look of classic basketball arcade game. LED Hoop It Up basketball is a two-player basketball game for head to head competition with other player selectable modes. Players compete to see how many baskets can get by pushing the basketball on the control panel. The blast of air inside the […]

LED 9 Hole Mini Golf
LED 9 hole mini golf detail

Video Amusement is proud to introduce LED 9 Hole Mini Golf for rent. Everyone loves mini golf and now you can play the game in total darkness with the help of LED illumination. We will bring that same fun to your event in the park, on the beach, office or anywhere you want to enjoy our LED […]

LED Valley Tornado Foosball Tables

Video Amusement rents only commercial Valley Tornado foosball tables, designed to be the best tables in the industry and rated #1 foosball tables in the US. Valley Tornado foosball tables are all US quality made and are recognized top quality durable recreational and tournament tables. They are also the most expensive tables on the market today. Our creative team took the existing […]

LED Lighted Table
LED lighted table Multi color LED can be stationary or with moving lights

This beautiful LED Lighted table for rent with light up panels is designed as the ultimate gaming or storage table. The shelves underside the tabletop are removable that will allow you to use the rented LED table alone. The moving lights will coordinate in the top surface and shelves when in motion mode. Choose from hundreds of […]

Jumbo LED Lighted Foosball Table
Foosball table for 8 people

We are proud to introduce Jumbo LED Lighted Foosball Table. This is the 8-16 player foosball table; a foosball on “steroids”. Your friends can compete at the same time on this oversized foosball table. Jumbo LED Foosball Table for rent is a custom build commercial foosball table great for team building and other competitive events. The table […]

LED Lighted Shuffleboard
Led lighted Shuffleboard can played even in total darkness

Video Amusement rents only the best! The Champion Shuffleboard tables for rent are the best tables on the market. All American made with highest quality standards. The LED Lighted Shuffleboard tables come made with playfield that is extremely slippery made out of 3-inch maple wood butcher block with a smooth polymer surface and covered with […]

LED Corn Hole Baggo Game
LED Corn Hole Baggo game have multi colored adjustable lights

LED multi colored Corn Hole Baggo Game rental. Play at the beach, the park, office, or wherever you want.  LED Corn Hole Baggo Game for rent is a genuine play set for your next event or party. The set comes with foldable regulation size corn hole boards that are 2 feet by 4 feet and […]

Giant LED Corn Hole – Bean Bag Toss
Basic white Giant LED Corn Hole game

Corn hole on steroids! Our Giant LED Corn Hole – Bean Bag Toss is 8’x4’ LED lighted board set, that comes with monster sized corn hole bags that weight whooping 4 pounds each! The Giant LED Corn Hole – Bean Bag Toss rental boards are glowing with bright white lights that will stand out in dark. Giant […]

LED Lighted Ping Pong Table
Possibilities are endless with the illumination

We are taking about a classic ping pong table and updating it with multicolor LED lights. Our new LED Lighted Ping Pong Table for rent is a new way to play your favorite game on the LED lighted ping pong table and watch your guests’ eyes light up in amazement as the LED Lighted Ping […]

NBA Hoops LED Basketball
4 LED lighted game an evening event

NBA Hoops LED Basketball is a commercial basketball game from Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE Games). ICE Games is the leading manufacturer of some of the most popular and iconic games such as Ice Ball FX, Super Chexx, Major League Baseball, NFL 2 Minute Drill, NBA Hoop Troop that are currently in our game portfolio, but […]

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