Stranger Things Pinball Machine Stern rental Video Amusement

The Stranger Things Pinball Machine Is the Coolest Pinball Machine

Bettelman Family of C.A. Robinson

C.A. Robinson & Co. Closes After 76 Years

Veteran Equipment Distributor Unfazed by Today’s Challenges

Warren Buffett talking about pinball venture

Warren Buffett in pinball business?

video Amusement has the largest selection of 80s games in California

80s the Golden Age of Arcade Games

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Amusement EXPO 2018 Bay Tech Games booth at EXPO 2018
Amusement EXPO 2018

Amusement EXPO 2018, February 27 – March 1, Las Vegas Convention Center The annual Amusement Expo is an event for the arcade, music and family entertainment industry. Traditionally, this industry was known as “coin operated amusement or coin-op”. However, the days of using coins to operate the amusement games are long gone. With this transformation, […]

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Hyper Shoot Basketball Arcade Game from LAI Games available from Video Amusement.
March Madness is almost here!

March Madness, the phenomenon that grips the basketball fans during the NCAA college basketball tournaments is almost here. It is more than just a college tournament. March Madness is the annual celebration of the college basketball with many companies embracing and encouraging employee to participate in March Madness by organizing team-building tournaments. Tournaments are the […]

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Instagram Logo on Video Amusement web site
Come follow us on Instagram!

Welcome and explore the world of Video Amusement through the images and video clips we would love to share with you on our Instagram page.  Have a peek behind the scenes, step inside of some of the most impressive rental events, check out the exciting projects we have done and get inspired by our innovative […]

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Detailed of a topper on LE version of the game
Playing Pinball’s Big Comeback..Just When You Thought The Pinball Was Over!

Pinball isn’t just surviving; it’s thriving. Pinball machines are being compared to film photography or vinyl records. The popularity crashed when newer, more sophisticated high-tech versions of the same idea, we are talking about video games, became predominant. Today, the game of pinball is in the news again and enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Read the […]

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Atari Pong arcade game at CES 2018 convention in Las Vegas
Classic ATARI Pong Arcade Game is back!

It all started in 1972 with the release of one of the first video arcade games by legendary arcade manufacturer Atari – Pong video arcade game. After 46 years, Video Amusement is proud to bring this legendary Atari Pong Classic Arcade Game back for everyone to enjoy. As the name suggests, the Atari Pong Classic Arcade Game is a […]

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The latest pinball from Stern pinball
Stern’s latest title: Guardians of the Galaxy

Stern’s latest title in a run of recent hits taps into the popular superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy. As the pinball game picks up the actions of a notorious intergalactic band of accidental heroes based on the American comic book of the same name that’s published by Marvel Comics. The new pinball game Guardians of […]

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Comparing classic old look and new updated game with LED lights.
Which game would you rather play?

LED lights make the games new and fresh. Side by side we have two classic original Hoop It Up arcade basketball games made in 1995 by Atari Games. The one on the left has the original look and the one on the right is outfitted with synchronized LED strip lights. The LED lights are adjustable […]

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10 game room tips how to place games in your venue

I receive lots emails. Most of it spam or junk that ends up in my “Junk Box”, but I also receive many “marketing” emails from our suppliers that ends up in my “Inbox”. Most of if is just spam anyway, but occasionally I find something interesting and educational. This article came from LAI Games and […]

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Coca Cola machine restored by Rick' ms Resotartions in Las Vegas.
Coke anyone?

While back, during filming at Rick Restorations in Las Vegas I decided to fulfill one of my nostalgic dreams and asked Rick to restore a classic Coke machine from 50’s, Vendo H81D. $8000 and 10 months later, finally I got my toy. One of the conditions of the deal however; I was able to store […]

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Pirates of the Caribbean complete pinball lineup from Jersey Jack Pinball. to be release in spring 2018.
New Pinball Game from Jersey Jack Pinball.

Last week at Pinball Expo in Chicago, Jack Guarnieri from Jersey Jack Pinball JJP revealed his brand new pinball game, Pirates of the Caribbean. The new pinball game combines 22 characters and multiple scenes from five Disney feature films of the same name. Unique features of the game are the spinning wheel that can be […]

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This not your ordinary amusement arcade game, this is casino game with real bets.
Gambling on Pac-Man?

No more playing just with quarters! Now you can bet “real” money on the Pac-Man. Pac-Man is heading to the casino floor. Bandai Namco and Gamblit Gaming got together and redesigned the all-familiar game Pac-Man Battle Royale arcade game to accept bets. The game can be played up to four players with each player capable […]

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Photo booth inside of a bathroom at The Smith Restaurant on Broadway in NYC
Photo Booth inside the bathroom?

On my recent visit in NYC I stumbled on a photo booth in a very unusual location; bathroom inside of a restaurant. It turns out; The Smith Restaurant has several locations in NYC and at least two of their locations have photo booths inside the bathrooms. I just wonder, what kind of pictures their patrons’ […]

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The jukebox is a remake of the originalWurlitzer 1015 model.
Rock-Ola Celebrates 90th Birthday.

Rock-Ola the legendary jukebox manufacturer is celebrating 90 years in business! To celebrate this anniversary, the company is remaking the original Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox that was originally manufactured from 1946 to 1947. Still today, this is the most recognizable jukebox ever made and arguably the most beautiful, that is also known and called as “Bubbler”. […]

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Daytona Championship USA just arrived.
After 24 years Daytona is back!

Long anticipated release of sequel to the greatest of the racing simulators of 90’s era is back: Daytona Championship USA. This is the 3rd sequel to the Daytona racing simulator line. Video Amusement is the first company in San Francisco Bay Area to purchase a pair and we couldn’t be happier. We have already seen […]

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Thousands of visitors just in 3 days
California Extreme 2017

California Extreme is back for the 21st time from July 29-30, 2017. It is an annual celebration of coin-operated arcade games, pinball machines and other novelties you were once able to find in classic game arcades. This is one of the best events in San Francisco Bay Area. There are hundreds of pinball machines; arcade games […]

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Crushed the high score on Tapper arcade game.
80’s Bally’s Tapper arcade game in the news again!

Tapper arcade high score was crushed on July 14, 2017! Wow, I didn’t ever realized you can still find this game anywhere in a public venue and even more impressive is the fact, that anyone still plays this game! We just recently purchased Budweiser Tapper game for top $$$s. However, we are just like most […]

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LED illuminated skeeball lanes
LED Lighted Games

LED lighting is becoming a popular choice for event planners to enhance and light up the event venues with colorful and attractive lights. Among lighting choices, LED games provide a dual purpose; fun for the guests and lighting ambiance for the venue. Due to the popular demand Video Amusement is expanding the assortment of new indoor and […]

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All 3 versions of Attack from Mars on display at Amusement EXPO 2017 in Dallas.
Amusement Expo International 2017 Dallas Texas

Amusement Expo International 2017 was a showcase of a wide range of products and services related to coin-operated amusement from the leading manufactures and distributors. We discovered a few exiting and interesting pieces of equipment. Chicago Gaming Company finally revealed long talk about second pinball remake, this time from Bally, Attack from Mars. After the […]

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Customized Prize Cube games with only a single color.
Prize Cube color display challenge

Our Prize Cube claw machine is the most popular game for promotion giveaways. Prize Cube crane game has a pleasant sleek design, white frame with plenty of customizable panels, bright inside lights and stunning colorful bright light display on the front of the cabinet. We commonly brand Prize Cube games for various corporate events and trade […]

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Pac Man Battle Royale and Giant Pac Man Galaga at an event.
iHeart 80s Party – SAP Center at San Jose 2017

What an exiting event at SAP Center at San Jose. iHeart 80s Party with New Kids on the Block, UB40 Featuring Ali Campbell, Astro and Mickey, Colin Hay of Men At Work, Rick Astley, Starship, Eddie Money, Night Ranger and our 2 giant Pac Man games: Pac Man Battle Royale DX and Giant Pac Man.

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Only Video Amusement is able to provide 18 Skeeball games on a short notice.
Holiday Party Season 2016

Another holiday party season is behind us. In the last 3 weeks we delivered to over 200 events and thousands of happy customers. Our devoted crew worked around the clock to make all this happen. This is an image from UBER Holiday party with 18 skeeball games. For this party we had to purchase additional […]

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Original idea by Video Amusement, copied by many competitors.
Video Amusement – THE LEADER in amusement game rental industry

The days when Video Amusement was expanding into rental industry are long gone. Those were the days when Video Amusement was the follower, gathering ideas, looking at “large” rental companies’ web sites and replicating the ideas of the others. Today, 10 years later, Video Amusement became THE LEADER in the rental industry. The “large” rental […]

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exciting arcade games rental video amusement
Make your party exciting with arcade games rental

In the era of computers and technology, the concept of recreation has been replaced by modern gaming options. Children are inclined towards indoor games in comparison to the outdoor activities and games. The birthday parties are no longer an affair with the musical chair game. Today, the children’s party is all about the video games, […]

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summer games for rent video amusement
Summer Favorite Games

Video Amusement does not let the summer pass by. There are a number of games available for rent, which are fun to play in the summer.  You and your friends can have a good time outdoors. Here are some of the games: Giant Beer Pong – This is the same game as normal beer pong, but this […]

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Custom Whack a Mole matching pair by Video Amusement
Customizing Whac-A-Mole Games

Whac-A-Mole is a very exciting arcade game not only kids but also adults. The game comprises of several holes and a hammer. The hammer is used for whacking any mole that appears from any hole. Whacking a large number of moles that appear from the holes earns you more points. The What A Mole game is […]

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game of thrones pinball play field
The history of Pinball

The history of Pinball games dates back to the 1800s and the 1900s when the first pinball machine was known as the Bagatelle Table, which what a cross breed of a pool table and a pinball table. The cue sticks were the items used to hit the ball by the players and the balls were supposed […]

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Kiss Pinball Video Amusement
Kiss Pinball PRO at Video Amusement

The Kiss Pinball Pro Machine is a product of STERN and is centred on a 1970s renowned band. It is just an ordinary pinball machine with a with a 1970s rock music band theme. The themes, as you can see, come from renowned rock group called kiss which used to rock people back in the […]

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