Corporate Rental

Competing for the best professionals in the industry?

corporate1Your employees are over-stressed because of those long hours without too much fun? Do they need a “mental relieve” from going insane?

What you need is stress relieve and motivational tool – amusement arcade games.

In addition to providing short-term rentals for parties and other “Big” events, we also cater to the growing demand for corporate long-term rentals. We have a wide selection of entertaining games to quench your need for fun at the workplace. The latest growing trend in the arcade amusement industry is the craving for long term rentals in corporate break rooms, lunchrooms, or recreational company game rooms.

There is an unlimited supply of amusement games to choose from for your rental. The games are set-up on free play allowing for endless pleasure. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Give us a call and we guarantee that our amusement games will spice up your work environment.

Most popular games for the corporate game rooms are billiard tables, foosball, ping pong and other interactive arcade games.