Table Games

Table Games

Video Amusement has the largest inventory of table games rentals for parties, corporate events, trade shows and corporate break rooms. A sports game machine rental from Video Amusement may just be the answer to all your event planning and entertainment needs.

A true staple of any party rental is a table game. Strike a Light, Pool Table/Billiards, Air Hockey, Skeeball, Foosball or Super Chexx Bubble Ice Hockey Table, Ping Pong games are perfect for competitive play and Team Building as well as local tournaments and grand prize giveaways. All of our tables come with all the required supplies.

No cheap games in this department! All of out game game rental are commercial arcade style and tournament games. We at Video Amusement are dedicated to use only the best “top of the line” commercial equipment for rent.

Air FX LED Air Hockey arcade game
Air FX ICE Games LED hockey game rental Video Amusement San Francisco California

Air FX LED Air Hockey arcade game is the latest addition to the grooving roster of commercial arcade games for rent. The Air FX LED Air Hockey arcade game are manufactured in Buffalo New York by the legendary US arcade game maker ICE Games – “The Coolest Games on Earth”. Games from ICE Games are amongst the […]

Commercial 4-player Valley Tornado Foosball Tables
Commercial 4 player Valley Tornado foosball table

Video Amusement rents only top of the line Commercial 4-player Valley Tornado foosball tables. The are made by Valley-Dynamo and are designed to be the best tables in the industry. The are rated #1 foosball tables in the US. Commercial 4-player Valley Tornado foosball tables are all US quality made and are recognized top quality […]

Jumbo 8-player LED Lighted Foosball Table
Jumbo 8 player LED lighted foosball table for Rent Garlando

We are proud to introduce Jumbo 8-player LED Lighted Foosball Tables for rent. We have two foosball models available: Original Garlando 8-player table made by legendary Italian manufacturer. Garlando table are the most popular foosball tables in Europe. Our second model is 8-player Valley Tornado foosball table modified; a foosball on “steroids”. Your friends can […]

Supersized 12-player Glow LED Foosball Table
Supersized 12-player Glow LED Foosball Table Valley Tornado

More players = more fun! If the standard Commercial 4-player or Jumbo 8-player foosball tables for rent are not enough…we are introducing Supersized 12-player Glow LED Foosball Table. Gather all your friends and have an exiting competition playing with multiple balls at once. Supersized 12-player Glow LED Foosball Table for rent is playable with 12 […]

Giant 16-player LED Foosball Table Extreme
Giant 16 player LED Foosball Table Extreme Rental San Jose California

Introducing Giant-16 player LED Foosball Table Extreme, the largest foosball table in our inventory for rent. Video Amusement is the leader in foosball table rentals and offers the largest selection and inventory of foosball tables for rent in California and possibly the entire West Coast. We stock over 50 foosball tables in various sizes; Commercial […]

Giant LED Chess and Checkers Game Table
Giant LED Chess and checkers game Table rental from Video Amusement

Introducing a new way to play your favorite games. Video Amusement is proud to introduce Giant LED Chess and Checkers game table for rent. Our Giant LED Chess and Checker game tables are colorful and attractive. The games will amaze the guests and light up the venue with selectable spectrum of colorful selection of lights. The Giant LED Chess and Checkers game tables for rent feature selectable changeable […]

Super Kixx PRO Bubble Soccer Arcade Game
Super Kixx Football Arcade Game rental San Francisco

We at Video Amusement are exited to expand our rental inventory with another brand new game from the legendary arcade game maker ICE Games – Super Kixx PRO Bubble Soccer Arcade Game. Super Kixx PRO Bubble Soccer Arcade Game is a part of ICE Game’s long line of “bubble” sports mechanical games. With the most […]

Atari Pong Classic Arcade Game
Atari Pong Classic Arcade Game Rental

Atari Pong Classic Arcade Game – it all started in 1972 when the legendary arcade manufacturer Atari – released the first video arcade game- Pong Classic Arcade Game. Pong video game was originally designed as a training exercise, based on the idea of an electronic Ping-Pong game. Fortunately for us, the Pong video game failed as an exercise-training […]

Chaos Strike a Light Arcade Game
Strike a Light Chaos 4 player arcade game rental San Francisco available from Video Amusement

Chaos Strike a Light Arcade Game for rent is a combination of the original Strike a Light Arcade Game with the twist of multiple lights being able to change colors. Up to 4 players can play the rented game. Each player tries to hit all the lights corresponding with their color. It is a challenge, since the colors […]

Commercial Pool Table Rental
Black Cat Valley/ Dynamo Commercial Pool Table is available for rent from Video Amusement

Black Cat pool table made by Valley/Dymano is a commercial bar style Pool Table. Solid playing surfaces and size make these pool tables popular at bars, clubs and special events. The Black Cat pool table is a traditional push chute table, and features clean black finish aprons with triple plated corner castings and 3/4″ slate. The table is set on FREE […]

Catch the Light
Competitive fast paced arcade

Catch the Light is a new speed and reflex game for rent. The game is extraordinary and highly competitive game that tests players’ hand coordination and reaction in time. Catch the Light is fast paced game where players must quickly press the lit buttons to outsmart the opponent. The players can play the game head-to-head […]

Monster Smash Arcade Game
Monster Smash Arcade Game Rental only from Video Amusement San Francisco California

Monster Smash Arcade Game is another addition to our growing selection of “puzzle” games rental. Together with the Strike a Light, Speed of Light and Catch the Light, Video Amusement offers the largest selection of “puzzle” games anywhere in California! Monster Smash Arcade Game is truly a rare find. The minute we saw the game […]

Galaxy Quad – Four Way Air Hockey Table
Quad Air 4 player air hockey table game from Video Amusement is available for rent

Discover a new and innovative concept in air hockey! Galaxy Quad – Four Way 4-player air hockey table is a next generation of multi-player air hockey tables. The Galaxy Quad – Four Way is a 4 player air hockey table game that can be played with 2, 3, or 4 players at a time, and also with 2, […]

Shuffleboard Table
Shuffleboard table 14 foot rental San Jose

Video Amusement rents two sizes of shuffle board tables 14 or 22 foot original Grand Champion Shuffleboard Tables manufactured by America’s #1 Shuffleboard manufacturer Champion Shuffleboard based in Richland Hills, Texas. The Champion Shuffleboard tables for rent are the best tables on the market. All American made with highest quality standards. The rented shuffle board tables come […]

Ping Pong – Table Tennis
Bay Area Rental Ping Pong table from Video Amusement

Video Amusement rents only the highest quality official ITTF tournament size Ping Pong -Table Tennis tables – we use only the top quality Kettler commercial grade – indoor or outdoor tables. Kettler commercial ping pong – table tennis tables have a solid playing surfaces and official tournament size make these tables popular at any party, special events or tournament. Ping […]

Strike a Light Arcade Game
Strike a Light Arcade Game for Rent

Strike a Light Arcade Game – Speed, accuracy, and head-to-head competition make this high energy game a true winner! Hold a tournament and see who has the fastest hands in town with the most incredibly addicting games on the market. Bring the best players back and have them face off with “Strike It Back”. Only […]

Super Chexx Bubble Ice Hockey Arcade Game
Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Rental San Francisco Video Amusement

Super Chexx Bubble Ice Hockey Arcade Game is fast, exciting, and realistic game as the players on either side control all 5-hockey players and the goalie. Super Chexx Bubble Ice Hockey Arcade Game Rental is a classic sports game that debuted in 1982. This is a classic 80’s game made by ICE Games. The game rental […]

Hot Flash Air Hockey Table
Hot Flash by Dynamo Air Hockey Table - small picture of the airhockey

Hot Flash Air Hockey table is Dynamo’s best air hockey in the series of 8-foot tables. No lights, no sounds, just fast action and serious play in a full-sized 8-foot package. The tables come standard with side scoring display, however upon request the tables can be setup with optional overhead lighting, with integrated digital LED scoring. […]

Whac A Mole Arcade Game
Whac a Mole Arcade Game Original Carnival cabinet found in FECs and Game rooms

Whac a Mole Arcade Game is the family classic. The moles are challenging characters. They start out slow to give you the feeling that you’re better than they are. Then they get faster and faster until they are quicker than you are. They can be quicker because there are five of them in a standard game. […]

Fire Storm Air Hockey Table
Fire Storm Air Hockey Table - Table Game

Fire Storm Air Hockey Table is the latest from Valley-Dynamo. It retains time-proven features while offering a striking new look. The table was developed in response to operator interest in a table incorporating the service, play and scoring features of the popular Hot Flash II, but providing an alternative for locations favoring a more colorful, futuristic […]

Professional Billiard Table
Billiard Table - Table Game

Professional Billiard Table – The gracefulness of its double arched frame and its tastefully carved legs make this work of art a must in a family room that wishes to capture a touch of class. Perhaps, you are looking for the contemporary look. We have the professional billiard tables to match your style. Each table comes […]

Funky Gator Carnival Arcade Game
Funky gator Carnival Arcade Classic Game Rental San Francisco

Funky Gator Carnival Arcade Game for rent is the long awaited sequel to the all-time classic, Wacky Gators, is now here. Funky Gator Carnival Arcade Game for rent continue the simple game play where the object is to “whack” as many alligators as you can with the soft hammer. Players of all ages will enjoy the excitement, […]

Beer Pong Table
Beer Pong Table - Table Game

Our Beer Pong Tables are not the cheap light tables you commonly find at many parties. The custom tables we offer are commercial heavy-duty tables that hold up to a heavy use. We stock official regulation Beer Pong Table, all of which are portable as well durable. The tables come with a plenty of ping-pong balls. […]

Beer Pong Master
Beer pong master is available from Video Amusement.

Beer Pong Master is a self-contained twist on the popular social game of Beer Pong, minus the mess! Bounce or toss the balls into the cups, trying to land a ball in each one, turning off the lights before time runs out. Shoot a ball in each cup in as few shots as possible— the fewer shots […]

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