Custom Branding Graphics & Wraps

Further Enhance the Game Play Experience

We at Video Amusement can customize and personalize your arcade machines and games to fit your event with custom logos, custom branding graphics and wraps. We can further enhance the game play experience by creating custom backlit panels to match your corporate identity. You provide the graphic art or just an idea and our in-house graphic artist will do the rest.
Video Amusement is the leader in arcade custom branding graphics and customized arcade machine wrapping with dedicated full time graphic staff and complete printing and sign shop right here in our own facility in South San Francisco. Advantage of the in-house facility is a high turnaround, capability of working with tight deadlines and last minute orders, quality and tight control of the production from design, printing to the actual application and most importantly changes and mistakes are carried out immediately even during the rush orders. Another important aspect of the in-house facility is working directly with the customized arcade equipment. Many times the graphics designers working for a client are not familiar with the customized arcade machine and games and commonly overlook certain features and physical aspects of the customized equipment. This is where our experienced staff comes in and will make minor, occasionally major design tweaks and changes. Of course, always with the client’s approval.
To learn more about the arcade machine and games custom branding graphics & wraps, the process and steps involved in creating custom branding graphics and wraps for just about any arcade game or machine please contact our friendly Video Amusement staff at 650-871-5852.

Have you seen our custom branded games on TV? Click on the enclosed links.

Whack a Mythbuster

World Series Pinball

Product Gallery: (click to enlarge)

  • Double Shot Basketball Customized
  • 1 on 1 hoops basketball customization
  • Prize Cube crane games with a single color
  • Prize Cub GMS2017
  • Ms Pac Man and Donkey Kong customized
  • Bic crane customized
  • Custom Giant Plinko
  • Google Claw Game
  • Whack a Baseball Arcades Game
  • Whack a Ball - Baseball Themed Game
  • NBA-Hoops-warriors
  • Alpine Racer Customized
  • NBA Hoop at Nike event
  • Custom Prize Wheel
  • Pool Table with custom logo
  • Tron Custom Pinball
  • What a Mole Beer Custom Graphics
  • Prize Cube Crane Machine
  • Super Shot Custom Graphics
  • Golden Arm Custom Graphics
  • What a Mole Beer Custom
  • Super Shot Adidas LA Custom Graphics
  • Geode Custom Photo Booth
  • Slim Jim Custom Graphics Hammer
  • Hollywood Custom graphics Photo Booth
  • Google What a Mole custom graphics
  • whack a lamp custom whack a mole
  • whack a lamp custom graphics whack a mole
  • Mythbusters custom whac a mole
  • World Series custom graphics pinball
  • Slim Jim Wrestler Custom Graphics
  • Custom Dino Wheel Game
  • custom-ping-pong-table
  • Social Media Photo Booth - Modern Digital Photo Booths
  • Custom Whack a Mole Game 10
  • crane-machines-custom3
  • custom-nascar1
  • custom-air-hockey1
  • custom-super-shot
  • custom-hollywood-photobooth
  • crane-machines-custom1
  • crane-machines-custom4
  • custom-whac-a-mole11
  • custom-social-media-photobooth
  • custom-whac-a-mole16
  • custom-whac-a-mole15
  • Whac a Manhole - customized arcade game
  • Whac a manhole - customization detail
  • Boxer game customized for a sports channel
  • Customized boxer game for a trade show
  • Hollywood photo both wrapped for a sponsor.
  • Social Media photo booth wrapped for a trade show.
  • Midway Golden Arm Wrestler game customized
  • Candy crane machines Customized
  • King of Hammer wrapped with custom colors
  • King of Hammer detail of customization
  • Prize Wheel - Spin and Win Customized
  • Pair fo Prize Wheels customized of an event
  • Prize Wheel customize for a airport terminal ceremony
  • Spin and win detail customization
  • Super Shot Basketball customized for a client
  • Social Media photo booth customized for Finlandia Vodka.
  • Crane and photo booth. Matching customization.
  • Customized pair of Whac a Mole games
  • Whack a Mole customized moles
  • Customized Tornado Foosball Table
  • Branded Tornado Foosball Table
  • customized foosball table
  • Detailed image of customized foosball table
  • SEGA-GRID-42-Customized
  • Branded billiard pool table
  • Pool table with corporate branding
  • Airhockey detail image of corporate branding.
  • Customized Qbert Arcade Game
  • Skeeball games customized for a corporate event.