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Classic ATARI Pong Arcade Game is back!

It all started in 1972 with the release of one of the first video arcade games by legendary arcade manufacturer Atari – Pong video arcade game.

Atari Pong arcade game at CES 2018 convention in Las Vegas

After 46 years, Video Amusement is proud to bring this legendary Atari Pong Classic Arcade Game back for everyone to enjoy. As the name suggests, the Atari Pong Classic Arcade Game is a sports game that simulates Ping-Pong game or table tennis. The opponents play head to head, with each player using a paddle to hit a ball back and forth over to opponent’s side. Single player can play as well against the computer. Atari Pong Classic Arcade Game is a fun and challenging game that gets progressively faster and faster as the exchange of the ball between opponents continues.

Atari Pong Classic Arcade Game is the hit of 2018 and Video Amusement is keeping up with the growing demand for the game. Expected release of the game is March 2018. We have 8 units on order and with grooving popularity of the game we will be adding more. Please call us for availability of the game for rent for your party and event or a long term rental or lease for your corporate break room. For more information visit our web page.