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Customizing Whac-A-Mole Games

Whac-A-Mole is a very exciting arcade game not only kids but also adults. The game comprises of several holes and a hammer. The hammer is used for whacking any mole that appears from any hole. Whacking a large number of moles that appear from the holes earns you more points.

Customized Whac a Mole arcade games by Video Amusement

The What A Mole game is also enjoyed by adults because it is simple and fun at the same time. This is why it is referred to as a family classic game.

The moles start appearing out of the holes slowly and as you whack all of them using the hammer you start feeling like a pro. But as the whacking continues, they come out of the holes quicker and they become faster than you.


It is impossible to whack all the moles if they come out faster than you because a standard whac-a-mole table has five have five arms, it is impossible to get all points.

Customized Whac a Mole game with baseballs

Video Amusement offers customization services for this game with rental from us. Most commonly customization on graphics to meet clients expectations . Different artworks can be placed on the sides, front panels using best quality materials. Moles can be substituted by custom made moles for Whac A Mole. Sometimes a fruit, a person or a light bulb.

Custom Whack a Mole another sample of fine example by Video Amusement

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