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Prize Cube color display challenge

Our Prize Cube claw machine is the most popular game for promotion giveaways. Prize Cube crane game has a pleasant sleek design, white frame with plenty of customizable panels, bright inside lights and stunning colorful bright light display on the front of the cabinet. We commonly brand Prize Cube games for various corporate events and trade shows with colorful graphics. Branded games with the colorful light displays stand out above the rest. Our clients often requested to display only a single color matching the branding and corporate identity. Customized Prize Cube crane game for an event.
This presented a challenge to our award winning creative team. Our team has an extensive experience with LED lights and have done many light projects and custom work. The team found the solution to the problem and we gained a full control of the random lights and now we can turn on just about any single color or have the lights cycle in random and retain the colorful attractive display of the games.Customized Prize Cube games with only a single color.