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March Madness is almost here!

March Madness, the phenomenon that grips the basketball fans during the NCAA college basketball tournaments is almost here. It is more than just a college tournament. March Madness is the annual celebration of the college basketball with many companies embracing and encouraging employee to participate in March Madness by organizing team-building tournaments. Tournaments are the best opportunity to bring colleagues together with a friendly competition.

Ready to plan your tournament?

Video Amusement is here to help during March Madness events. We offer the largest gamut of basketball games for rent from the smallest Whack a Basketball to the largest brand new Hyper Shoot games.

Here is our list of available basketball games for rent for your March Madness event:

Whack a Basketball

Original unique game concept by Video Amusement

Whack a Basketball is a unique game developed and manufactured by our own creative team here at Video Amusement. The players are whacking miniature basketballs that can be customized with a logo of your favorite team. Whack a Basketball is a fast playing game suitable for all ages.

NBA Hoops Troop

NBA Hoop Troop Basketball Game for the youngest of players.

NBA Hoop Troops is an exiting and kids friendly small version of the actual full version arcade basketball game. The game is suitable only for the youngest players up to 12 years old.

Hoop It Up/LED Hoop It Up

Comparing classic old look and new updated game with LED lights.

Hoop It Up is classic basketball arcade game. Two players can play side by side competing for the highest score. The rented game is suitable for all ages.

NBA Jam Arcade

NBA Jam Arcade Game Rental from Video Amusement

NBA Jam Arcade game is one of the most popular sports game of the 90’s. I am sure many of your colleagues will remember this iconic game.

NBA Pinball

NBA pinball - "atest Pinball Collection

NBA Pinball machine is a very popular pinball game. We have only one of these popular games for rent, book early.

Double Shot and 1 on 1 Hoops Basketball Games

Double Shot and 1 on 1 Hoops Basketballs together

Double Shot and 1 on 1 Hoops Basketball Games are two player hoop games. Exiting games to  test your basketball shooting skills and friendly competitive rivalry.

NBA Hoops/LED NBA Hoops

NBA Hoops basketball game available from Video Amusement

NBA Hoops/LED NBA Hoops are full size basketball games found in many game rooms. The players are shooting 9″ Junior size basketball into a single stationary hoop. Up to 8 rented units can be linked for a competitive play.

Super Shot II Basketball

Super Shot basketball game from Video Amusement

Super Shot II is one of the most popular full size basketball arcade games for rent. The major feature of the game is the moving basket. Up to 8 cabinets can be linked for a competitive play.

Hyper Shot Basketball

Hyper Shoot Basketball Arcade Game from LAI Games available from Video Amusement.

Hyper Shot Basketball rental is the latest addition to our inventory. This is a breathtaking game with futuristic and modern look. Up to 4 games can be linked for a competitive play.