Olympic Themed Events

Olympic Themed Events

Games with winter and summer Olympic event themes.

Hot Shot Basketball Arcade Game
Hot Shot Basketball Pinball Williams Game for Rent

Hot Shot Basketball Arcade Game for rent is a court action based game. In the game the player competes to see how many baskets can get by pushing the large oversized button and mechanically throw the mini basketball into the hoop. Moving basket will test players’ long and short-range shooting skills. Hot Shot Basketball Arcade […]

Ping Pong – Table Tennis
Bay Area Rental Ping Pong table from Video Amusement

Video Amusement rents only the highest quality official ITTF tournament size Ping Pong -Table Tennis tables – we use only the top quality Kettler commercial grade – indoor or outdoor tables. Kettler commercial ping pong – table tennis tables have a solid playing surfaces and official tournament size make these tables popular at any party, special events or tournament. Ping […]

NBA Hoops Basketball Arcade Game
NBA Hoops Basketball Arcade Game Rental San Francisco

NBA Hoops Basketball Arcade Game is newly redesigned Hoop Fever basketball game from ICE Games. Game is built with an all metal frame and adjustable front cabinet, hardwood floors. NBA sized hoop to accommodate a 9” basketballs for greater win ration and sturdy backboard for more realistic scoring and durability. NBA Hoops Basketball Arcade Game […]

Super Chexx Bubble Ice Hockey Arcade Game
Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Rental San Francisco Video Amusement

Super Chexx Bubble Ice Hockey Arcade Game is fast, exciting, and realistic game as the players on either side control all 5-hockey players and the goalie. Super Chexx Bubble Ice Hockey Arcade Game Rental is a classic sports game that debuted in 1982. This is a classic 80’s game made by ICE Games. The game rental […]

Track and Field Arcade Game
Classic 80s Track and Field Sports Game Rental Corporate Event from Video Amusement

Track and Field Arcade Game for rent, is based on Summer Olympic sports from legendary game maker Konami. The Japanese company released the game as the official licensed game during 1984 Summer Olympic games. In the Track & Field Arcade Game for lease or rent you compete against other players in various Olympic events. Track and Field […]

Hoverball Bullseye Safe Archery Sports Game
Hoverball Bullseye Safe Archery Arcade Sports Game Rental San Francisco

Hoverball Bullseye Safe Archery Sports Game for rent is a new exciting and challenging game for all ages! Grab a bow and a foam tipped safe arrow and try to knock off one of the floating balls that are suspended by air! Soft foam tip, offers the same flight characteristics of a standard arrow yet […]

NFL Blitz 2K / NBA Jam Basketball
NFL Blitz 2000 NBA Jam Arcade Game rental from Video Amusement

NFL Blitz 2K / NBA Jam Basketball for rent, can now enjoy playing two games in one cabinet. The player can choose official NFL teams and compete in American football games with very few rules. Also, players can also enjoy the NBA Basketball action without any interference from the referee. The game can be enjoyed on Arcade, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 3 as well as X-box […]

NBA JAM Basketball Arcade Game
NBA Jam Arcade Basketball Game Rental San Francisco from Video Amusement

The NBA Jam Basketball Arcade game was developed and published by Midway games in 1993. NBA Jam Basketball Arcade game is an exaggerated type game. This means that jumps are higher than the players and slam-dunks defy all human capability. There are no fouls, free throws or violations with the exception of free throwing. NBA Jam […]

Double Shot – Pop A Shot Basketball Game
Double Shot Basketball Game Pop a Shot rental San Francisco from Video Amusement

Double Shot – Pop A Shot Basketball Game – two players, two hoops and a rapidly ticking game clock makes this an exciting test of your basketball shot touch under pressure. Electronic scorekeeper in backboard provides sound effects and LED score and time readouts. It is irresistible fun. Video Amusement can customize Double Shot – Pop […]

1 on 1 Hoops Electronic Basketball Game
1 on 1 Hoops Electronic Basketball Game rental San Francisco from Video Amusement

1 on 1 Hoops Electronics Basketball Game is the recent addition to our already large inventory of basketball games. Together with Super Shot Basketball, NBA Hoops, NBA Hoop Troop and Double Shot, Video Amusement has selection of basketball games unsurpassed by any other rental company. One on One Hoops Basketball Game for rent is a classic basketball […]

Boxer Machine Arcade Game
Boxer machine Arcade Game for Rent Video Amusement San Francisco California

Throw your best punch! The Boxer Machines Arcade Game can handle it. Featherweight or heavyweight, flyweight or middleweight, it will take on all-comers who want to test their punching power. Boxer Machines Arcade Game for rent is the ultimate test of speed and strength. Push the start button and test your skills for a round. Competition is encouraged as […]

Alpine Racer Skiing Arcade Game
Alpine Racer Skiing Arcade Game rental from Video Amusement

While standing on 2 pedals and using the bars for stability this Namco Alpine Racer Skiing Arcade Game for rent will offer you 2 types of races, downhill and out of the gate that includes 2 play modes, time attack and Race. As you cross the checkpoint you will have your time extended.Rented Alpine Racer Skiing Arcade […]

Alpine Surfer Snowboarding Simulator
Alpine Surfer Snowboarding Simulator Arcade Game Rental from Video Amusement

From Namco comes an Alpine Surfer Snowboarding Simulator. The courses offers varying degrees of difficulty levels in these timed races. This single player games allows you to do various tricks to gain points. You will have the true feeling of snowboarding that includes clothes and everything. You even have a secret tip. If you both […]

NBA Pinball
NBA pinball - "atest Pinball Collection

The new NBA pinball machine launched during the 2009 NBA playoffs, featuring 20 players from 20 different NBA teams. NBA pinball offers several popular pinball mechanical features, including a spinning disk in the playfield center, a captive ball, drop targets, ramps, a diverter, and much more. NBA pinball has a basketball backboard with a magnet in its […]

Champion Pub Pinball
Champion Pub pinball - Classic Pinball Collection

Champion Pub is a pinball machine released by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1998, and the last game from Bally. The objective is to defeat five boxers to achieve the title of Pub Champion, and to earn five jewels in the belt to start the Ultimate Challenge. The 1920′s pub setting, complete with dancers, beer, and bar […]

World Cup Soccer Pinball
World Cup Soccer pinball - Classic Pinball Collection

World Cup Soccer Pinball is a pinball machine released by Bally in 1994, based on the 1994 FIFA World Cup tournament. Players begin each turn aiming at the lit up goal, scoring ten million for hitting the target, with an additional five million bonus available, kicking off an “Ultra” mode. The goalie attempts to block players’ […]

Hoop it Up Basketball Arcade Game
Hoop it up basketball arcade game rental San Francisco Bay Area provided by Video Amusement

Hoop it Up Basketball Arcade Game for rent is a two-player basketball game made by the legendary Atari Games. The game has head to head competition and other player selectable modes. Players compete to see how many baskets can get by pushing the basketball on the control panel. The blast of air inside the machine propels […]

Wii Nintendo Guitar Hero / WorldTour
Wii Nintendo Guitar Hero - Other Fun Stuff

WII NINTENDO is the hottest gaming system. We offer “Rock Band / Guitar Hero” setup with 2 guitars, drum set and a microphone and one 52 inch monitor with a commercial stand. We add a touch with special effect DJ lights and external speaker with amplifier for the ultimate experience. We won’t spend a great deal […]

Xbox 360 Kinect
Xbox 360 Kinect - Music/ Dance/ Sports Games

Xbox 360 Kinect – You are the controller. No gadgets, no gizmos, just you! Easy to use and instantly fun. Controller-free gaming means full body play. Kinect responds to how you move. So if you have to kick, then kick. If you have to jump, then jump. You already know how to play. Kinect gets everyone off the couch and […]

WWE WrestleMania
WWE Wrestlemania is the first pinball machine to feature new SPIKETM electronics hardware system.

WWE WrestleMania invites players into the ring as WWE superstars embarking on a mission to become the WWE worldwide heavyweight champion. Players first must “train” their fighter wrestlers, and then they are ready to compete in a series of tough wresting matches on the road to Wrestlemania! The WWE WrestleMania Pinball machine Professional Edition feature […]

NBA Hoop Troop
NBA Hoop Troop Basketball Game for the youngest of players.

NBA Hoop Troop Kids Basketball Game – NBA Hoop Troop is the most recent addition to the long list of ICE branded sports-themed redemption games. NBA Hoop Troop basketball game is an exciting and kid-friendly game that will be a staple piece for years to come. Featuring an intense LED kit with over 100 LED’s to […]

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