Water & Beach Events

Water & Beach Events

Games with water theme and for the picnic on the beach.

Portable Axe Throwing Game Rental
Portable Axe Throwing Game Rental from Video Amusement San Francisco California.

Axe Throwing is the latest trend in entertainment. It is the ultimate interactive experience for fun with friends, family, and team building. The backwoods pastime of Axe Throwing has gone mainstream, and we’re here for it. Grab your axe, aim at the target, and go for the bullseye! The original Axe Throwing game is played […]

Giant Ring Toss Carnival Game
Giant Ring Toss Carnival Game Bay Area Rental

Giant Ring Toss Carnival Game for rent is one of the oldest classic carnival games. It is a true carnival classic! The game’s objective is to toss provided rings onto the glass bottles. The game is challenging. The ring toss game requires skill and hand-eye coordination. But most of the time, you get lucky and […]

Beer Pong Table
Beer Pong Table - Table Game fro rent from Video Amusement

Beer Pong Table game available for rental has evolved from the original beer pong game that used paddles to play the game. The game originated at Dartmouth College, sometimes between 1950 and 1960. Since then, it has become a part of the college campuses’ social culture. A beer Pong game is played by two teams […]

Giant Connect 4 Game
Giant Connect 4 Arcade Game Rental Monterey Bay Area

The classic Connect 4 Game just got super-sized! Like its smaller well-known Connect 4 Game for rent is strikingly colorful and instantly recognizable. The game is sturdy and durable and ideal for indoor and outdoor events, backyard parties, school, and corporate functions. The Giant Connect 4 Game for rent has six rows and seven columns, standing at 4 feet tall. The Giant […]

Giant Lego Blocks
Giant Lego Blocks Video Amusement San Francisco California rental

Kids love to play with LEGO, what a great toy! As adults, we don’t want to be left behind. Well, the time has come. We are introducing Giant Legos Blocks for rent. Life-sized Lego blocks on steroids. Giant Lego Blocks are designed to connect in a way that is familiar to all of us, Lego […]

Ping Pong – Table Tennis
Ping Pong Table Tennis Arcade Party Rental San Francisco

Video Amusement rents only the highest quality official ITTF tournament size Ping Pong -Table Tennis tables. We use only the top-quality Kettler commercial grade indoor or outdoor tables. Kettler commercial ping pong – table tennis tables have a stable playing surface. The official tournament size makes these tables accessible at any party, special event, or tournament. Table […]

Giant Chess Game
Giant Mega Chess lawn game available for rent San Francisco Bay Area from Video Amusement

Giant Chess Game for rent is perfect for birthday parties, outdoor events, and picnics. Or just set this chess game up at the beach or the park and watch as the guests play. Not only does Giant Chess Game for rent looks good, but it also allows players of all ages to learn and enjoy Chess […]

Giant Checkers
Giant Checkers game rental San Jose

Everyone knows the grand old game of Checkers. This is that same game but in giant proportions! Giant Checkers, or Draughts (as it is called in Europe), is a fun game that all ages and available for rent can play. The Giant Checkers are made from durable PVC, waterproof, and UV-protected. Each giant checker piece […]

Bocce Ball Lawn Game
Bocce Ball - Sport and Action Games available form Video Amusement

Bocce Ball Lawn Game for rent, also called bocci or boccie, is a simple but strategic game. Although probably emerging from ancient Egypt, Bocce started to hit its stride with the Romans and Emperor Augustus. It gained massive popularity with the influx of Italian immigrants at the turn of the 20th century. Bocce is a […]

Horseshoes Lawn Game
Horseshoe Lawn Game - Outdoor Sports Game

Horseshoes Lawn Game for rent is a true classic. Whether you choose to play at the beach in the sand or just in your yard, pitching some shoes is guaranteed fun. Horseshoes Lawn Game is an outdoor game played between two people or two teams of two people. Players are using four horseshoes and two […]

LED Corn Hole Baggo Game
LED Corn Hole Baggo Game Video Amusement Rental San Francisco Video Amusement

LED Corn Hole Baggo Game fr rent from Video Amusement is taking tailgates and backyard games in San Francisco, San Jose, East Bay, Monterey Bay, and entire Bay Area by storm. Play at the beach, the park, the office, or wherever you want.  LED Corn Hole Baggo Game for rent is a good playset for […]

Giant Beer Pong Game
Giant Beer Pong Game San Francisco Rental from Video Amusement

Jimmy Fallon played a giant Beer Pong Game on The Tonight Show with his guests. Now you can play the same game at your next event! Giant Beer Pong Game for rent is beer pong on steroids! The game is so big that you need ample office space or the park to play the game! Giant […]

Giant LED Corn Hole – Bean Bag Toss Game
Giant LED corn hole bean bag toss game rental from Video Amusement

Corn hole on steroids! Introducing Giant LED Corn Hole – Bean Bag Toss Game for rent from Video Amusement. The game is 8’x4’ LED lighted board set that comes with monster-sized corn hole bags. Each bag weighs whooping 4 pounds each! The Giant LED Corn Hole – Bean Bag Toss Game rental boards are glowing with bright white […]

Cornhole / Bean Bag Toss
Cornhole game with counter setup from Video Amusement

Play at the beach, the park, the office, or wherever you want.  Just play!  If you enjoy Cornhole Bean Bag Toss, this is a genuine play set for your next event and rental party. This set comes with foldable cornhole boards that are 2 feet by 3 feet and 8 2-color bags. Video Amusement offers […]

Giant Jenga – Tumble Tower Game
Giant jenga tumble tower game rental San Francisco from Video Amusement

Giant Jenga – Tumble Tower Game for rent is a game of skill. It was created by British board game designer Leslie Scott in the early 1970s using children’s wooden blocks. Jenga is derived from the Swahili word kujenga, which means “to build.” The game set consists of 56 soft pine or cedarwood blocks. These […]

H2Overdrive Powerboat Racing Arcade Game
H2Overdrive Powerboat Racing Arcade Game from Video Amusement

H2Overdrive Powerboat Racing Arcade Game for rent is a spectacular interactive arcade and powerboat-racing simulator from Raw Thrills. Above all, with its next-generation graphics, rented H2Overdrive Powerboat Racing Arcade Game offers “forced feedback,” powerful throttle, and a sturdy seat subwoofer. There are nine boats to select from with boosters and super boosters to enhance your already dynamic […]

Soul Surfer – Surfing Simulator Arcade Game
Soul Surfer Surfing Simulator Arcade Game Rental from Video Amusement

Have you wanted to surf some of the highest waves in the world? Now with Soul Surfer Surfing Simulator Arcade Game rental from SEGA Games, you can. Head to Polynesia, South Africa, and even Australia, just to name a few locations. Soul Surfer Surfing Simulator Arcade Game for rent is using a real board. The player […]

White Water Pinball Machine
White Water pinball machine - White water rafting with 'wild' ramps and very fast gameplay.

White Water Pinball Machine is a 1992 pinball game designed by Dennis Nordman and released by Williams Electronics. The theme is based on White water rafting, which is reflected in the game’s ‘wild’ ramps and very fast gameplay. White Water Pinball Machine is a non-licensed pinball machine with a primary objective of moving your raft […]

Xbox 360 Kinect
Xbox 360 Kinect - Music/ Dance/ Sports Games

Xbox 360 Kinect – You are the controller. No gadgets, no gizmos, just you! Easy to use and instantly fun. Controller-free gaming means full body play. Kinect responds to how you move. So if you have to kick, then kick. If you have to jump, then jump. You already know how to play. Kinect gets everyone off the couch and […]

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