Graduations Events

Graduations Events

A graduation party celebrates a crucial moment in life. From the invitations to the decorations to the food, a lot of planning and preparation are required for the perfect party, which can be overwhelming if not organized. You want your graduation party to be the type of event that makes memories, creates bonds, and celebrates the accomplishments of the student. Let Video Amusement make your graduation party one of a kind! From photo booth to fast paced basketball games we will manage any crowd.

Galaxy Quad – Four Way Air Hockey Table
Quad Air 4 player air hockey table game from Video Amusement is available for rent

Discover a new and innovative concept in air hockey! Galaxy Quad – Four Way 4-player air hockey table is a next generation of multi-player air hockey tables. The Galaxy Quad – Four Way is a 4 player air hockey table game that can be played with 2, 3, or 4 players at a time, and also with 2, […]

MotoGP Motorcycle Racing
MotoGP motorcycle racing simulator is available for rent from Video Amusement.

MotoGP Motorcycle racing simulator MotoGP Motorcycle racing simulator arcade game – here is another new exiting arcade game from Raw Thrills. Following in the footsteps of highly successful Super Bike game release. MotoGP motorcycle racing simulator arcade game for rent is the official fully licensed motorcycle simulator arcade game. It comes with authentic „MotoGP-style“ motorcycle mounts! […]

Pac Man Battle Royale DX
Pac Man Battle Royale DX - Arcade Game

Pac Man Battle Royale DX Arcade Game Pac Man arcade game, the mega hit of the 80’s just got super sized! Pac Man Battle Royale DX Arcade Game – 4 player game with 50 inch LCD screen has never been bigger. Pac Man Battle Royale DX Arcade Game Rental is a perfect game to challenge […]

Hoverball Archery
Great way to experience the sport of archery

Hoverball Archery for rent is an exciting and challenging game for all ages! Grab a bow and a foam tipped safe arrow and try to knock off one of the floating balls that are suspended by air! Soft foam tip, offers the same flight characteristics of a standard arrow yet is much safer, allowing opportunities to […]

Super Shot II Basketball
Super Shot basketball game from Video Amusement

Super Shot II Basketball arcade sport game is a professional heavy-duty basketball game with a moving backboard with the basketball hoop. One person at a time shoots for a score. Average game time is 40 seconds. The play time is fully adjustable. Super Shot II Basketball arcade sport game for rent machine has four different […]

Traditional skeeball game available for rent

SKEEBALL SKEEBALL arcade game is a game of skill, action and technique. The game is addictive game that entices the player to play game after game in order to beat his or her own score. The Skeeball arcade game for rent is a proven crowd pleaser and a huge hit with players of all ages. The game was invented […]

Giant Space Invaders Frenzy
Giant Space Invaders Frenzy a remake of the popular classic arcade game

Remember this old classic game? Space Invaders is one of the earliest shooting games most addicting games ever built. The Giant Space Invaders Frenzy is back and bigger than ever! Giant Space Invaders Frenzy is the remake of the iconic classic game, this time with simultaneous 2 player action played on a giant monitor 8×6 […]

SnoCross Snowmobile Racing
Snow Cross arcade simulator available for rent from Video Amusement

SnoCross Snowmobile Racing is the latest racing game on or after (raw thrills). It is equipped with a 42” LCD screen for the HD graphics as well as the motion seat to feel every movement. An officially licensed game from ESPN, there is six (snow mobile racers), the same in sleds and incredible custom upgrades. There […]

Batman Arcade Video Racing
Batman arcade racing and shooting arcade game for rent from Video Amusement

Imagine Batman having 10 Batmobiles to choose from. Well in Batman Arcade Video Racing game you do. The Batman Arcade Video Racing game consists of missions all set in the vehicles. You will go against all of the Batman enemies such as the Joker and Mr. Freeze. In each storyline there is a mission where […]

Grid Racing Arcade
Grid racing arcade game available for rent from Video Amusement

GRID Racing Arcade Game – GRID is the arcade edition of the award-winning hit game:GRID from CodeMasters, with 1 Million units sold worldwide ! GRID Racing Arcade Game comes in a nice cabinet with tri-color LED lights that change color according to driving actions, and comes with a 32″ & 42″ Hi-Def  LCD monitor, full force […]

Dirty Drivin Arcade
Dirty Driving arcade game is available for rent from Video Amusement.

Dirty Drivin Arcade game is the appropriate name for these custom vehicles with weaponry attached to them such as missiles, as well spectacular locations, power-ups peppered throughout, add on and trick out your cars and there are generally no rules of the road to follow here. You have the ability to unlock mirrored tracks as […]

Super Bikes 2
Super Bikes arcade is available for rent from Video Amusement

Super Bikes 2 racing simulator now offers the player all the thrills they can handle. It’s Hi-Def, 42 inch monitor really has you feeling the 10 new and never before seen tracks. Driving through the Moab, you will witness jet fighters attacking UFOs, or the dodging of super worms in hyperspace. Go to Thailand for the […]

Top Skater – Skateboard game
Top Skater - Racing Simulator

Top Skater skateboard game will let you perform difficult stunts like the pros without spending time in the hospital! Players can use their entire body to maneuver through ultra-challenging skateboarding courses… Top Skater is not a video game its a spectator sport! Choose from 6 unique characters with individual style and personality. Perform all the hard-core […]

Soul Surfer – Surfing Game
Soul Surfer - Racing Simulator

Have you wanted to surf some of the greatest waves in the world? Now with Soul Surfer Surfing Game you can. Head to Polynesia, South Africa and even Australia just to name a few locations. Using a real board the player will feel and manipulate the waves as if you were really surfing. You will […]

Speed of Light
Speed of Light - Arcade Game

Speed of light game is a physical game. It tests your reflexes as well as your reaction time. The Stinger Report stated that the “Speed of Light is a physically compelling game”. Using a light matrix, the players challenge is to press the lit buttons at their best speed in order to gain points. Using the music […]

Fire Storm Air Hockey Table
Fire Storm Air Hockey Table - Table Game

Fire Storm Air Hockey Table is the latest from Valley-Dynamo. It retains time-proven features while offering a striking new look. The table was developed in response to operator interest in a table incorporating the service, play and scoring features of the popular Hot Flash II, but providing an alternative for locations favoring a more colorful, futuristic […]

Strike a Light
Strike a Light - Table Game

Strike a Light – Speed, accuracy, and head-to-head competition make this high energy game a true winner! Hold a tournament and see who has the fastest hands in town with the most incredibly addicting games on the market. Parents, kids, young or old, male or female, the same appeal for everyone. Perfect for Corporate Events, […]

Valley Tornado Foosball Tables
Tornado Elite Foosball Table - Sports and Table Games

Video Amusement rents only commercial Valley Tornado foosball tables, designed to be the best tables in the industry and rated #1 foosball tables in the US. Valley Tornado foosball tables are all US quality made and are recognized top quality durable recreational and tournament tables. They are also the most expensive tables on the market today. Foosball game […]

Hot Flash Air Hockey Table
Hot Flash by Dynamo Air Hockey Table - small picture of the airhockey

Hot Flash Air Hockey table is Dynamo’s best air hockey in the series of 8-foot tables. No lights, no sounds, just fast action and serious play in a full-sized 8-foot package. The tables come standard with side scoring display, however upon request the tables can be setup with optional overhead lighting, with integrated digital LED scoring. […]

Pool Table
Black Cat Valley/ Dynamo Commercial Pool Table is available for rent from Video Amusement

Black Cat pool table made by Valley/Dymano is a commercial bar style Pool Table. Solid playing surfaces and size make these pool tables popular at bars, clubs and special events. The Black Cat pool table is a traditional push chute table, and features clean black finish aprons with triple plated corner castings and 3/4″ slate. The table is set on FREE […]

Ping Pong – Table Tennis
Kettler Ping Pong table - Sports/Table Games available for rent from Video Amusement

Video Amusement rents only the highest quality Ping Pong -Table Tennis tables – we use only the top quality Kettler commercial grade – indoor or outdoor tables. Kettler commercial ping pong – table tennis tables have a solid playing surfaces and official tournament size make these tables popular at any party, special events or tournament. Ping Pong – Table […]

Super Chexx Ice Hockey
Super Chexx Bubble Ice Hockey - Sports/ Table Games available for rent from Video Amusement

Super Chexx Bubble Ice Hockey is fast, exciting, and realistic game as the players on either side control all 5-hockey players and the goalie. Super Chexx Bubble Ice Hockey Arcade Game Rental is a classic sports game that debuted in 1982. This is a classic 80’s arcade game rental that will bring back memories of […]

NFL 2 Minute Drill
NFL 2 Minute drill available for rent from Video Amusement

NFL 2 Minute Drill it’s been quite a while since the industry has seen a great football arcade game. The NFL 2 Minute Drill is one of the most unique and interactive sports arcade games around! The playfield of the game is fully interactive with 6 random „pop“ out targets in which your skill is definitely tested. NFL […]

Major League Baseball
Major League Baseball game available for rent from Video Amusement

Major League Baseball this brand new game officially licensed from MLB, is timeless and classic Baseball Toss and Pitch Game. Now upgraded with the latest in modern electronic technology and is bound to be a huge hit. This new baseball throwing game not only tests players skill at throwing and hitting specific targets, but it also […]

NBA Hoops Basketball
NBA Hoops basketball game available from Video Amusement

NBA Hoops Basketball game is newly redesigned Hoop Fever basketball game with an all metal frame and adjustable front cabinet, hardwood floors, NBA sized hoop to accommodate a 9” basketball for greater win ration and sturdy backboard for more realistic scoring and durability. NBA Hoops Basketball game with LED lights is a very attractive colorful game. The game is […]

Double Shot Basketball
Portable basketball game for rent

Double Shot Basketball – two players, two hoops and a rapidly ticking game clock makes this an exciting test of your basketball shot touch under pressure. Electronic scorekeeper in backboard provides sound effects and LED score and time readouts. It is irresistible fun. We can customize Double Shot Basketball  with your company logo or custom graphics to make […]

Money Booth – Cash Blowing Machine
Money Booth - Cash Blowing Machine - Other Fun Stuff/ Carnival Games

Money Booth – Cash Blowing Machine at a trade show booth or event marketing promotion acts as an incredible people magnet. It is an irresistible sight and sound of swirling money or prize vouchers swirling around inside the Money Machine Cash Cube. If your goal is to grab attention and win over customers, the Money Blowing Machine […]

King Of The Hammer SD & DX Arcade
King Of The Hammer SD & DX Arcade - Carnival Games

King of the hammer SD & DX Arcade is one game that is bound to show a lot of interest amongst both participants and onlookers as it deals with showing off ones physical strength and being admired for it by the rest of the crowd. It is an arcade game that is ideal to have […]

Candy Crane Machine
Candy Crane Machine - Carnival Games available for rent from Video Amusement

Candy Crane Machines – these cranes are perfect for smaller locations where size is an issue. The Candy Crane is designed for smaller Bean Bag toys or candy.

Canopies and Tents
Canopies & Tents - Other Fun Stuff/ Carnival Games

Our most popular tent is High-Peak it is designed with a high slope, a stylish peak and smooth curves to stand out from the rest of the competition. All of our canopies and tents feature standard covers 18oz lacquer coated white black-out vinyl. For your safety the tents are UV treated, flame retardant, approved by California […]

Claw Machine Prize Crane Game
Crane Claw Machine - sample of most popular machines Carnival Games available for rent from Video Amusement

Claw Machine Prize Crane Game is an exiting and fun merchandiser arcade game for rent. The Prize Crane Game, which is also known as the Claw Machine takes its name of the claws that are used to catch variety of merchandise placed inside the machine. The merchandise inside the Claw Machine Prize Crane Game for rent varies […]

Addams Family Electric Shock Machine
Addams Family Electric Shock Machine - Carnival Games available for rent from Video Amusement

ADDAMS FAMILY ELECTRIC SHOCK MACHINE – has 3 different power levels and vibrates while the player holds onto the joystick. Addams Family Electric Shock Machine game has two polished metal bars, and four buttons (ranging from low to “max”), and then has a series of colored lights that go up to Uncle Fester’s head. Uncle […]

Bingo Set
Bingo Set - Carnival Games available for rent from Video Amusement

This Bingo Set is perfect for larger-sized gatherings of bingo players. Bingo Game Set Includes: 1 large Bingo Cage, 1 Set of Bingo Balls,1 Master board, 18 Bingo Cards, 250 Bingo Chips, 3000 1on Bingo Paper Cards, 2000 3on Bingo Paper Cards, 72 3oz Dab-O-Ink Bingo Daubers (Assorted Colors). This game is not rented individually, only […]

Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova
Dance Dance Revolution Supernova - Music - Dance and Music Games available for rent from Video Amusement

The hottest game in arcades today, Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova (DDR) is the recent and most popular release to the very popular Konami Dance Dance Revolution Game. Up to 2 people at a time can play against each other or play for score. Players press the pads with their feet to line up the arrows as they correspond […]

Plinko Game
Portable large plinko game available for rent

As you likely have seen on The Price is Right, the concept behind Plinko Game is simple but exciting. The player drops one of the colored discs down from the top of the Plinko board and anxiously watches it bounce through the pegs and fall in a scored slot at the bottom. The Plinko Game board for […]

1 on 1 Hoops Electronic Basketball
1 on 1 Hoops Basketball is fun for all ages. Available from Video Amusement.

1 on 1 Hoops Electronics Basketball is the latest addition to our already large inventory of basketball games. Together with Super Shot Basketball, NBA Hoops, NBA Hoop Troop and Double Shot, Video Amusement has selection of basketball games unsurpassed by any other rental company. One on One Hoops Basketball is a classic basketball game where […]

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