Winter Themed Events

Winter Themed Events

Winter theme games, popular for holiday and end of year parties.

SnoCross Snowmobile Racing Arcade Game
snocross snowmobile racing arcade game rental San Francisco California from Video Amusement

SnoCross Snowmobile Racing Arcade Game SnoCross Snowmobile Racing Arcade Game is the latest snowmobile racing game from the legendary arcade game maker Raw Thrills. Dress up worm, it is going to get cold! Hop on one of the rented SnoCross Snowmobile racing Arcade Games and take on your friends or colleagues and race to the finish line. […]

Super Chexx Bubble Ice Hockey Arcade Game
Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Rental San Francisco Video Amusement

Super Chexx Bubble Ice Hockey Arcade Game is fast, exciting, and realistic game as the players on either side control all 5-hockey players and the goalie. Super Chexx Bubble Ice Hockey Arcade Game Rental is a classic sports game that debuted in 1982. This is a classic 80’s game made by ICE Games. The game rental […]

Megatouch Countertop Casino Game
Megatouch Countertop Casino Game rental San Francisco from Video Amusement

The Megatouch Countertop Casino game is small enough for a bar top yet overs the casino games that everyone loves. The Megatouch Countertop Casino game rental has a card and video game features that sits on a portable stand or a small table. Megatouch Countertop Casino Game for rent has 45 different games packed into this little machine. […]

Alpine Racer Skiing Arcade Game
Alpine Racer Skiing Arcade Game rental from Video Amusement

While standing on 2 pedals and using the bars for stability this Namco Alpine Racer Skiing Arcade Game for rent will offer you 2 types of races, downhill and out of the gate that includes 2 play modes, time attack and Race. As you cross the checkpoint you will have your time extended.Rented Alpine Racer Skiing Arcade […]

Alpine Surfer Snowboarding Simulator
Alpine Surfer Snowboarding Simulator Arcade Game Rental from Video Amusement

From Namco comes an Alpine Surfer Snowboarding Simulator. The courses offers varying degrees of difficulty levels in these timed races. This single player games allows you to do various tricks to gain points. You will have the true feeling of snowboarding that includes clothes and everything. You even have a secret tip. If you both […]

Wii Nintendo Guitar Hero / WorldTour
Wii Nintendo Guitar Hero - Other Fun Stuff

WII NINTENDO is the hottest gaming system. We offer “Rock Band / Guitar Hero” setup with 2 guitars, drum set and a microphone and one 52 inch monitor with a commercial stand. We add a touch with special effect DJ lights and external speaker with amplifier for the ultimate experience. We won’t spend a great deal […]

Xbox 360 Kinect
Xbox 360 Kinect - Music/ Dance/ Sports Games

Xbox 360 Kinect – You are the controller. No gadgets, no gizmos, just you! Easy to use and instantly fun. Controller-free gaming means full body play. Kinect responds to how you move. So if you have to kick, then kick. If you have to jump, then jump. You already know how to play. Kinect gets everyone off the couch and […]

Arctic Thunder Snowmobile Racing Game
Arctic Thunder Snowmobile Racing Game rental from Video Amusement

The Arctic Thunder Snowmobile Racing Game for rent is game by Midway. Up to 4 players can play rented Arctic Thunder Snowmobile Racing Game. The course provides powerups and obstacles. The locations are modeled after actual cities and there is a boost bar that enables them to speed up when needed to. The players when close enough to […]

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