Ages 5-10 Events

Ages 5-10 Events

Game selected for the youngest of players. This age group is the most challenging category. The games have to be small enough, where even a 5 year old can reach the controls of the game and still have fun.

VR Roller Coaster Simulator Game
VR Roller Coaster Simulator Rental San Francisco

VR Roller Coaster Simulator Game will transport you in a thrilling adventure to other dimensions! The guests will experience thrilling experience in a blink of an eye. Experiencing real feeling of riding a roller coaster in different landscapes and virtual environment. Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Simulator Game for rent uses virtual reality technology to provide […]

Giant Piano
Giant Piano Keyboard for rent Video Amusement San Francisco

“Giant Piano is an Icon of our time”. Big Piano or Walking Piano was invented by Remo Saraceni in 1982 and installed in the FAO Schwartz toy store in New York City. It became the most famous piano due the most memorable scene in movie BIG. Now you can rent this iconic piece of cinematographic […]

LED Lane Master Bowling Arcade Game
Lane Master Bowling Game for rent California

LED Lane Master Bowling Arcade Game is a arcade video bowling alley concept made by UNIS Games. The game brings a traditional bowling alley to any location. The game blends the physical fun of an alley bowler with versatility of a video game. LED Lane Master Bowling Arcade Game for rent is designed and plays like a traditional […]

Bowl Masters Virtual Bowling Game
Bowl Master LED Glow bowling game rental San Francisco Video Amusement

The hottest video bowling game LED Lane Masters Bowling Arcade Game from UNIS GAMES is now available in a new smaller version. Bowl Masters Virtual Bowling Game for rent is an arcade style bowling game in a compact cabinet with a small footprint. Rental Bowl Master Virtual Bowling Game is perfect for small venues. Locations with difficult accessibility, children parties, office […]

Giant Ring Toss Carnival Game
Giant Ring Toss Carnival Game Bay Area Rental

Giant Ring Toss Carnival Game is one of the oldest classic carnival games. It is a true carnival classic! The object of the game is to toss provided rings on to the glass bottles. The game is a little hard and challenging. Ring toss game requires skill and hand-eye coordination. Most of the time, you […]

Ice Ball FX LED Skee Ball Arcade Game
Ice Ball FX LED skee ball Arcade Game Rental

Introducing Ice Ball FX LED Skee Ball Arcade Game from Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE Games). ICE Games has brought us some of the most popular and iconic games. Including NBA Hoops, Super Chexx, Major League Baseball, NFL 2 Minute Drill, NBA Hoop Troop. You we will find all the games in our current game portfolio. […]

Catch the Light
Competitive fast paced arcade

Catch the Light is a new speed and reflex game for rent. The game is extraordinary and highly competitive game that tests players’ hand coordination and reaction in time. Catch the Light is fast paced game where players must quickly press the lit buttons to outsmart the opponent. The players can play the game head-to-head […]

Monster Smash Arcade Game
Monster Smash Arcade Game Rental only from Video Amusement San Francisco California

Monster Smash Arcade Game is another addition to our growing selection of “puzzle” games rental. Together with the Strike a Light, Speed of Light and Catch the Light, Video Amusement offers the largest selection of “puzzle” games anywhere in California! Monster Smash Arcade Game is truly a rare find. The minute we saw the game […]

Galaxy Quad – Four Way Air Hockey Table
Quad Air 4 player air hockey table game from Video Amusement is available for rent

Discover a new and innovative concept in air hockey! Galaxy Quad – Four Way 4-player air hockey table is a next generation of multi-player air hockey tables. The Galaxy Quad – Four Way is a 4 player air hockey table game that can be played with 2, 3, or 4 players at a time, and also with 2, […]

Ping Pong – Table Tennis
Bay Area Rental Ping Pong table from Video Amusement

Video Amusement rents only the highest quality official ITTF tournament size Ping Pong -Table Tennis tables – we use only the top quality Kettler commercial grade – indoor or outdoor tables. Kettler commercial ping pong – table tennis tables have a solid playing surfaces and official tournament size make these tables popular at any party, special events or tournament. Ping […]

SnoCross Snowmobile Racing Arcade Game
snocross snowmobile racing arcade game rental San Francisco California from Video Amusement

SnoCross Snowmobile Racing Arcade Game SnoCross Snowmobile Racing Arcade Game is the latest snowmobile racing game from the legendary arcade game maker Raw Thrills. Dress up worm, it is going to get cold! Hop on one of the rented SnoCross Snowmobile racing Arcade Games and take on your friends or colleagues and race to the finish line. […]

Big Bass Wheel Arcade Game
Big Bass Wheel Arcade Game Rental San Francisco

Big Bass Wheel Arcade Game from Bay Tech Entertainment. Reel in the Fun! Players step up and pull the handle to spin the big wheel. When the wheel stops, players are rewarded with tickets, prizes or points. Big Bass Wheel Arcade Game has been the most popular game in arcades and family entertainment centers for […]

LED 9/18 Hole Mini Golf Game
Colorful LED Mini Golf Game rental Las Vegas from Video Amusement

Video Amusement is proud to introduce LED 9/18 Hole Mini Golf Game for rent. Everyone loves mini golf and now you can play the game in total darkness with the help of LED illumination. We will bring that same fun to your event in the park, on the beach, office. Anywhere you want to enjoy our LED 9/18 […]

Claw Machine Prize Crane Game
Claw Machine Prize Crane Game San Francisco Video Amusement

Claw Machine Prize Crane Game is an exiting and fun merchandiser arcade game for rent. The Prize Crane Game, which is also known as the Claw Machine. It takes its name of the claws that are used to catch variety of merchandise placed inside the machine. The merchandise inside the Claw Machine Prize Crane Game for rent […]

Hot Flash Air Hockey Table
Hot Flash by Dynamo Air Hockey Table - small picture of the airhockey

Hot Flash Air Hockey table is Dynamo’s best air hockey in the series of 8-foot tables. No lights, no sounds, just fast action and serious play in a full-sized 8-foot package. The tables come standard with side scoring display, however upon request the tables can be setup with optional overhead lighting, with integrated digital LED scoring. […]

Giant Light Bright – Illumination Station Game
Giant Light Bright Illumination Station Game Rental San Francisco

Bright & glow in the dark toys are the things that every child yearned for as besides taking the child in the world of fantasy. The kids facilitated happy playing hours for them. Lite-Brite in the dark pegs have always considered to be an indivisible part of anyone childhood period so every child has had […]

Whac A Mole Arcade Game
Whac a Mole Arcade Game Original Carnival cabinet found in FECs and Game rooms

Whac a Mole Arcade Game is the family classic. The moles are challenging characters. They start out slow to give you the feeling that you’re better than they are. Then they get faster and faster until they are quicker than you are. They can be quicker because there are five of them in a standard game. […]

Double Shot – Pop A Shot Basketball Game
Double Shot Basketball Game Pop a Shot rental San Francisco from Video Amusement

Double Shot – Pop A Shot Basketball Game – two players, two hoops and a rapidly ticking game clock makes this an exciting test of your basketball shot touch under pressure. Electronic scorekeeper in backboard provides sound effects and LED score and time readouts. It is irresistible fun. Video Amusement can customize Double Shot – Pop […]

Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova Arcade Game
Dance Dancem Revolution Supernova Arcade Game rental San Francisco Video Amusement

The hottest game in arcades today, Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova (DDR) is the recent and most popular release to the very popular Konami Dance Dance Revolution Game. Up to 2 people at a time can play against each other or play for score. Players press the pads with their feet to line up the arrows as they correspond […]

9/18-hole Mini Golf Course
18 hole mini golf course for rent lane 13 San Jose California

Test your putting skills on our full 9/18-hole Mini Golf Course for rent! Rent one hole or the complete 18-hole Mini Golf course. You can pick and choose any number of mini golf course lanes. The lanes are designed to be challenging and simple in the same time. The goal is to have a good time, even […]

Under the Knife Carnival Game
Under the Knife Carnival Game Rental Video Amusement

Under the Knife Carnival Game is great fun for all ages! This over-sized board game is colorful, fun, and an instant classic. Players use the huge tweezers to extract fun parts from the nervous patient. If either the tweezers or the game piece touches the game board the patient’s nose lights up and funny sound effects […]

Giant Lego Blocks
Giant Lego Blocks Video Amusement San Francisco California

Kids love to play with LEGO, what a great toy! As adults, we don’t want to be left behind. Well, the time has come. We are introducing Giant Legos Blocks. Life-sized Lego blocks on steroids. Giant Lego Blocks are designed to connect in a way that is familiar to all of us Lego fans. With […]

Skeeball – Classic Carnival Arcade Game
Classic Skeeball Machines rented with overhead custom sign from Video Amusement

SKEEBALL/ SKEE BALL – Classic Carnival Arcade Game SKEEBALL/ SKEE BALL Classic Carnival Arcade Game for rent is a game of skill, action and technique. The game is addictive game that entices the player to play game after game in order to beat his or her own score. The Skeeball/ Skee Ball Carnival Arcade Game for rent is […]

Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine
Zoltar fortune teller machine carnival rental San Francisco

Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine is a classic nostalgic carnival game best recognized from movie Big released in 1988 with main character played by Tom Hanks. Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine for rent is fun and great traffic builder for trade show, carnival themed event, corporate party, holiday events, birthday parties, bar & bat mitzvah celebrations and […]

Super Bikes 2 Motorcycle Racing Simulator
Super Bikes 2 Motorcycle Racing Simulator rental

Super Bikes 2 Motorcycle Racing Simulator arcade game for rent by Raw Thrills, now offers the player all the thrills they can handle. It’s Hi-Def, 42 inch monitor really has you feeling the 10 new and never before seen tracks. Driving through the Moab, you will witness jet fighters attacking UFOs, or the dodging of […]

Fire Storm Air Hockey Table
Fire Storm Air Hockey Table - Table Game

Fire Storm Air Hockey Table is the latest from Valley-Dynamo. It retains time-proven features while offering a striking new look. The table was developed in response to operator interest in a table incorporating the service, play and scoring features of the popular Hot Flash II, but providing an alternative for locations favoring a more colorful, futuristic […]

Funky Gator Carnival Arcade Game
Funky gator Carnival Arcade Classic Game Rental San Francisco

Funky Gator Carnival Arcade Game for rent is the long awaited sequel to the all-time classic, Wacky Gators, is now here. Funky Gator Carnival Arcade Game for rent continue the simple game play where the object is to “whack” as many alligators as you can with the soft hammer. Players of all ages will enjoy the excitement, […]

Candy Crane Machine
Candy Crane Game Machine Rental

Candy Crane Machines – these cranes are perfect for smaller locations where size is an issue. The Candy Crane is designed for smaller Bean Bag toys or candy.

Alien Pinball Carnival Game
Alien pinball carnival game rental San Francisco from Video Amusement

Enjoy our “out-of-this-world” Alien Pinball Carnival Game. Pull a lever and watch as the multi-colored balls go racing through space. How many points can you land on? Alien pinball is a great game for trade shows, promotions, giveaway and birthday parties. Comes with 6 multi-colored balls. More information about Alien Pinball Carnival Game: Video Amusement delivers our Alien […]

NBA Hoop Troop
NBA Hoop Troop Basketball Game for the youngest of players.

NBA Hoop Troop Kids Basketball Game – NBA Hoop Troop is the most recent addition to the long list of ICE branded sports-themed redemption games. NBA Hoop Troop basketball game is an exciting and kid-friendly game that will be a staple piece for years to come. Featuring an intense LED kit with over 100 LED’s to […]

Whack a Ball – Baseball
Customized sports themed Whacking game.

Whack a Ball – baseball themed whacking arcade game. Whack a Ball – baseball is the original game concept of Video Amusement. Over the years, we have created, branded and customized many Whac a Mole games for our clients. With the growing demand for sports themed games we decided to create our own custom baseball whacking […]

Hittin’ Hoops Basketball Arcade Game
Hittin Hoops basketball arcade game rental San Francisco from Video Amusement

Hittin’ Hoops Basketball Arcade Game is a new basketball-themed game. The game has a small footprint and shorter that traditional full size arcade games to accommodate the youngest players. Hittin’ Hoops Basketball Arcade Game is an exciting and bold eye-catching colorful game, easy to play and very fun game for to play suitable for all […]

Whack a Ball – Basketball
Customized Whac a Mole game into sports theme.

Whack a Ball – basketball themed whacking arcade game. Whack a Ball – basketball is the second in the sports teamed whacking games series of the original game concept created by Video Amusement. This time it is a basketball whacking themed game dedicated to our local team – Golden State Warriors. We took the original Whac a Mole game […]

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