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Guitar Hero Arcade

Guitar Hero Arcade is based upon the top hit game "Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock".

The Guitar Hero Arcade game s based upon the top hit game Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock.

A selection of 50 songs to select from, 8 venues and 11 characters the Guitar Hero Arcade is a combination of Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero World Tour.

You will have a choice of lead or bass guitars. Some of the bands featured are Metallica, Aerosmith and Van Halen.

Using a 32-inch LCD monitor, Guitar Hero Arcade allows the player to join the band, be on stage with high definition graphics that will give the player that authentic feel.

The hard-wired guitars are sturdier than the home version of Guitar Hero III.

There is a built in operator menu that creates a lag calibration and volume set up. Tiers play Songs, pass tier 1 and then move on to tier 2 and so on.

The Guitar Hero Arcade cabinet is made with an 8 speaker sound system and over 400 super bright led lights.

Dimensions: 40"W x 33"L x 86"H
Power: 120v AC, 5amps

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