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Soul Calibur II Video Arcade Game

Fight And Destroy Soul Edge

Soul Calibur II Video Arcade Game for rent is a weapon-based fighting video arcade game published by Namco. It is a sequel in series of Soul Calibur games and released in 2006 as an arcade version.

The game’s plot revolves around an assortment of characters, each with the goal of either destroying Soul Edge or obtaining it to achieve personal goals. The game features new modes such as Tales of Souls. This is an interactive story-driven mode in which players can create custom characters—furthermore featuring a selection of multiple weapons and fighting styles. Also, adding a real-time-play way that, above all, allows players to take the role through adventures of their own. Finally, the game also has the largest pool of characters and the most significant battle stage selection.

Compared to the original rented Soul Calibur, the game has significant improvements in graphics, gameplay, and sound systems. The game features an 8-way run system that allows a player character to run in and out of the screen to dodge and attack opponents. There is also a time-release system for both characters and extra weapons and arenas in which to fight.

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Dimensions: 26"W x 34"L x 73"H
Power: 120v AC, 3 Apms
Weight: 250lbs

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