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LED Hoop It Up Basketball Arcade Game

Light up the room with LED Hoop It Up Basketball Game

LED Hoop It Up Basketball Arcade Game for rent – a brand new classic basketball arcade game look.

LED Hoop It Up Basketball Arcade Game for rent is a two-player basketball game made by the legendary Atari Games. Get your friend or co-workers together for head to head competition for March Madness. Or play for the NBA title on this beautiful and colorful arcade game. The players compete to see how many baskets they can get by pushing the basketball on the control panel. The blast of air inside the LED Hoop It Up Basketball Arcade Game propels a ping-pong ball into the air. This must be done just the right with precise hand pressure to hit the single, double, or triple basket for the most points. Don’t worry; you will get the hang of it after a few tries. The game is simple and with innovative air-action controls for all skill levels.

More information about LED Hoop It Up Basketball Arcade Game:

LED Hoop It Up Basketball Arcade Game for rent is fun for all ages! LED Hoop It Up Basketball Arcade Game for rent comes with electrifying LED lights. We have added programmable LED lights to this game that can be changed to any color or motion sequence. Would you like the game to be lit up with the favorite color of your basketball team? Or to match the ambiance of the event or March Madness tournament. Perhaps you want the LED lights to be stationary with low brightness. Not a problem. With the supplied remote control, you will have 100s of options to light up this colorful game.

With the growing demand for branding and customization, our award-winning creative team can customize and brand the rented LED Hoop It Up Basketball Arcade Game. Please call us to find out about the customization options. The most popular is to add your company logo or custom graphics to make your company stand out at any party, event, or trade show.

Video Amusement delivers game rentals in California, San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Clara. As well as Las Vegas Nevada and entire West Coast. Let’s party during the March Madness tournament season!

Dimensions: 32"W x 35"L x 75"H
Power: 120v AC, 3amps
Weight: 300lbs

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