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New / Video Hollywood Photos Photo Booth

Modern Digital Photo Booth

The New / Video Hollywood Photos photo booth for rent is the latest addition to our “classic” style booths. The photo booth is fully enclosed and provides privacy for guests that want to “create” that unique pose. The images produced by the photo booth are high-quality digital images printed onto professional photo paper in less than 15 seconds by the latest high-resolution digital printer.

The photo booth features two distinctive operation modes: 3 in 1, featuring user-selectable 1, 2 or 4-pose photos, unique backgrounds, or outrageous characters, the second operation mode is event mode featuring 6-pose single strip photos.

New / Video Hollywood Photos Photo Booth features:

  • smaller cabinet for the small elevators and tight delivery
  • all-metal construction cabinet
  • replaceable outside graphic panels for that custom look
  • the photographs are dispensed on the side of the cabinet for high turnaround
  • in 3 in 1 mode: user selectable 1, 2 or 4-pose photos, unique background or outrageous character photos
  • in Event mode 6-pose single strip photos
  • spacious bench enough to accommodate 2-3 guests comfortably
  • customizable text or message on a photograph
  • prints sizes available and 4″x6″ on glossy or matte photo paper
  • the camera is fully adjustable to the height of the guests
  • guests can zoom the camera in and out to get the most beautiful details of their pose
  • all images are stored and will be downloaded after the event
  • Video photo booth can be set up to record short videos and to email all photos and videos to any email address
Dimensions: 32"W x 62"L x 74"H
Power: 120v AC, 5amps
Weight: 400lbs

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