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Putt Championship Edition Miniature Golf

Putt is the new generation of video golf simulators.

Putt Championship Edition Miniature Golf Game for rent is the first mini-golf video arcade simulator game to use a real putter and real golf ball, and comes with (2) nine hole courses that equals 18 holes of challenging and competitive miniature golf play anywhere it is placed! The Putt Championship Golf cabinet comes with a highly reliable HD LCD Monitor that gives players a crystal clear and breath-taking view of highly detailed golf holes.

Putt Championship Edition Miniature Golf Game features 18 realistic miniature golf courses for 1 to 4 player action, which encourages friendly competition between friends and families of all ages. Secret, hidden “short cuts” are placed throughout the game to add to player excitement and designed to help improve players’ scores and play!

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Video Amusement delivers rented Putt Championship Edition Miniature Golf Games in California, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz. Palo Alto, Monterey, Salinas, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Silicon Valley, East Bay. Central Coast and Bay Area cites as well Las Vegas Nevada and entire West Coast. Let’s have fun and party with Putt Championship Edition Miniature Golf Game

Dimensions: 55"W x 68"L x 72"H
Power: 120v AC, 3amps
Weight: 300lbs

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