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Iron Man Pinball Machine

Non-stop action for pinball players of all ages.

Iron Man Pinball Machine for rent from Stern Pinball is a non-stop action for pinball players of all ages and skill levels. Unite with billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., as Iron Man, the metallic super hero, on a thrilling action-packed adventure as he battles his enemies.

Pinball players will fight against Whiplash and his ball-catching mechanism, which whips the ball around the playfield; Adding to the challenge is the mechanical War Machine, firing the pinball back to the flippers; and Iron Monger, rising from underneath the playfield to do battle. Iron Man Pinball Machine also features two elevated ramps and lots of multi-ball action!

Iron Man Pinball Machine features speech, music, visual and sound effects of Iron Man and his enemies from the Marvel blockbuster film, Iron Man 1, and the all-new Iron Man 2 movie.

Iron Man Pinball Game is sure to be a hit with fans of the famous Marvel comic book series, TV cartoons, and films.

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Video Amusement delivers Iron Man Pinball Machine rentals in California, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz. Palo Alto, Monterey, Salinas, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Silicon Valley, East Bay. Las Vegas, Reno, Seatle, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and entire West Coast. Let’s have fun and party with rented Iron Man Pinball Machine!

Dimensions: 27"W x 55"L x 76"H
Power: 120v AC, 5amps
Weight: 250lbs

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