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Dead Heat Arcade

DEAD HEAT is an intense driving game.

Dead Heat brings with it a new type of driving game. It is actually head to head competition. This thrilling game will have the players scrambling for rematches.

Namco has certainly spiced up this game by using networking. Those that you race against are considered friends. The social networking expands as more and more racers compete against each other. This technology takes away from the player’s ability to oppose a computer and through recognition of an opponents driving speeds and habit will cause you to race against your friends, whether they are there or not. Specific friends will create a loyalty to different locations.

Phenomenal HD graphics on Dead Heat Arcade game are incredibly detailed while cities are complete replicas of real cities. The roads you will be driving actual roads in real cities.

Dead Heat Arcade has 8 customizable and licensed Japanese and American cars available.

Dimensions: 39"W x 64"L x 106"H- single
Power: 120v AC, 5amps

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