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NFL Blitz 2000 Arcade Game

American football games with very few real-world rules

American football games with very rules

American Football is extremely popular, and nothing is watched with more excitement than the super bowl. Cashing on this sentiment, the rental NFL Blitz 2000 Arcade Game was developed by Midway games. This is totally based on the American Football theme. In this game, the player can choose any of the official NFL teams which comes with unique statistics of the team.

NFL Blitz 2000 Arcade Game rental is immensely popular as there are very few rules from actual football which apply to this game. In this game all one needs to do is to try and lead their team to win the Superbowl. The latest 3DFX graphics are used.

This game has new types of defensive and offensive plays. The game also has very realistic weather which is shown as well as new stadiums where the games are played. The player can customize what they want the defensive and offensive plays to be. The player can call audibles from the scrimmage lines. There is Blitz passing which help make the passes easier as well as bombs which are one touch long ones. There is also an “on fire” mode which allows the players to improve their performance and get super powers.

The Blitz 2000 Arcade Game Gold edition is an arcade game which is an upgraded version of the Blitz ’99 version. The differences in the in the game are with the graphics and the enhanced games plays.

Dimensions: 37"W x 42"L x 73"H
Power: 120v AC, 5Amps
Weight: 300lbs

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