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Prize Cube XL 38″ Claw Machine

The big brother of the most popular merchandiser arcade machine.

Prize Cube XL 38” Claw Machine is the big brother of the most popular merchandiser arcade machine already in our inventory; Prize Cube Claw Machine Prize Crane Game.

The main difference between these two machines is the size of the cabinet and the size and weight of the merchandise the Prize Cube XL 38” Claw Machine can handle. The machine is using an oversized claw, capable of handling merchandise up to 14in size and 14oz weight. Since the claw is significantly larger that the standard claw machine, the merchandise has to be larger and bulkier. We recommend, larger stuffed animals and toys, boxes, water bottles, t-shirts, baseball hats and other similar oversized product. 5in clear capsules filled with small prizes, gift cards or coupons are always a great option. All merchandise inside the machine should be similar size and assortment of different products is recommended.

Claw machines are notorious for being harder to control than they appear. To ensure that the claw machine can accommodate your merchandise, we also ask you to provide a few samples. By us testing the claw machine with your prizes, we’re able to ensure that the claw machine can pick up your prize and that the prize will fit in the chute. Rented claw machines are set up on an easy setting to make it easier to win the giveaway product. Please keep in mind that the Prize Cube XL 38” Claw Machine is still considered a game of skill; even with the easy setting, a 100% winning rate is not possible.

Everyone wins big at our Prize Cube XL 38” Claw Machine, but when you add your corporate branding to the machine itself, your brand is the big winner, too! As guests win prizes out of the claw machine, you’ll win by connecting with new customers and business contacts via your custom-branded machine and prize merchandise. Display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items on the machine or prizes to engage people with your products and services as they put all effort into getting that irresistible item. Prize Cube XL 38” Claw Machine is great for trade show booths, product activation, networking events, movie premiers, fashion events, grand openings, graduations, fan appreciation events and so many other traffic-heavy corporate settings!

The standard customized wrap includes coverage of all the exterior panels of the Prize Cube XL 38” Claw Machine as well as the interior panels and other parts of the game, including glass. LED lights on the front of the machine can be adjusted, matching you corporate or brand colors. For further information, please contact our Video Amusement professional staff to learn more about the branding and costume wrapping.

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Video Amusement delivers rented Prize Cube XL 38” Claw Machine in California, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz. Palo Alto, Monterey, Salinas, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Silicon Valley, East Bay. Central Coast and Bay Area cite Las Vegas, Nevada, and West Coast. Let’s have fun and party with Prize Cube XL 38″ Claw Machine Arcade Games!



Dimensions: 38"W x 35"L x 77"H (only 32" door required for delivery)
Power: 120v AC, 3amps
Weight: 250lbs

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