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Arctic Thunder Snowmobile Racing Game

Arctic Thunder Snowmobile Racing Game.

Arctic Thunder Snowmobile Racing Game for rent is a game released by Midway Games. Up to 4 players can play Snowmobile Racing Games. The course provides powerups and numerous obstacles.

The locations are modeled after actual cities, and there is a boost bar that enables them to speed up when needed to. The players, when close enough to their competitor, can kick and punch them. In Arctic Thunder Snowmobile Racing Game rental are several characters, each with different stats that can affect the speed and handling.

Furthermore, levels are of different degrees, starting from level 1, which is the easiest to level 6, which is the hardest. Each level is of a different theme. Finally, the unlockable maps are all hard levels. The Arctic Thunder Snowmobile Racing Game for rent is a full sit down game.

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Dimensions: 38"W x 64"L x 74"H
Power: 120v AC, 8amps
Weight: 300lbs

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