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San Francisco Rush 2049 Driving Arcade Game

Race does indeed take place in San Francisco.

San Francisco Rush 2049 Driving Arcade Game racing game for rent does indeed take place in San Francisco. Developed by Atari and released in 1999. Even today, still the best racing game ever made.

San Francisco Rush 2049 Driving Arcade Game rental consists of a wheel and force-feed steering. 4-position shifter and three pedals for brake, acceleration, and clutch. Furthermore, the game is even equipped with a unique system, which is a 5-channel speaker system.

The cars can spread wings to allow for adjustments. Using the stunt mode, you will have the ability to do stunts for additional points. Even more, the multiplayer deathmatch mode and can work with up to 4 players. The racing game for rent is a futuristic game, as the title suggests 1949, that offers six racetracks and includes four stunt arenas as well as eight battle arenas. Included in all of this is the Gauntlet, which is an unlock-able obstacle course. Up to 8 can be linked to competitive racing action.

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Dimensions: 34"W x 64"L x 78"H
Power: 120v AC, 5amps
Weight: 350lbs

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