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Supersized 12-player Glow LED Foosball Table

If the standard 4-player or jumbo 8-player foosball tables are not enough…

More players = more fun! If the standard Commercial 4-player or Jumbo 8-player foosball tables for rent are not enough…we are introducing Supersized 12-player Glow LED Foosball Table. Gather all your friends and have an exciting competition with multiple people! Supersized 12-player Glow LED Foosball Table for rent is playable with 12 players at a time.

Supersized 12-player Glow LED Foosball Table is a custom-built table. Our skilled craftsmen took Valley Tornado, the best tables on the market, and made them into the Supersized 12-player Glow LED Foosball Table. They also added multi-color glow LED lights and created a unique custom foosball table. Finally, the LED lights’ color and ambiance can be changed easily during the event with the provided remote control.

The rented foosball table is guaranteed to be the main attraction and focal point of any event or party. Foosball Tables are popular at team-building events, school parties, bar/bat mitzvah, and “high energy events.”

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Our graphics team at Video Amusement can customize and brand the rented foosball table. Most commonly, corporate logos and LED lights match your favorite color or the colors of the corporate sponsors. Don’t hesitate to contact our professional staff for more information.

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Dimensions: 48"W x 195"L x 48"H, Required space 17' x 6' min
Power: 120v AC, 2Amp, Possible Battery operation
Weight: 300lbs

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