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Hard Drivin’ Simulator Arcade Game

One of the first driving simulator video games.

Hard Drivin’ Simulator Arcade Game was developed and manufactured in 1989 by Atari Games. This was the first game featuring a 3D polygon driving experience with a simulator cabinet using a feedback force steering wheel and a custom graphic interface.

The game invites the players to drive a sports car on various courses using stunts and fast speed. The gameplay features a vehicle resembling a Ferrari Testarossa. The game features a realistic manual transmission mode (including a clutch pedal and the possibility of stalling the vehicle should one mis-shift) and a force feedback steering wheel, in which the driver would have to operate the car as they would real life. This game differs from other driving games of that era by adding stunt loops and other road hazards.

The game challenges the players in a daredevil fashion and breaks away from traditional racing schemes like the famous early 80’s Pole Position driving game. Hard Drivin’ was also one of the first games to allow for more than three initials on the high score leaderboard.

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Dimensions: 28"W x 40"L x 79"H
Power: 120v AC, 5amps
Weight: 350lbs

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