Donkey Kong JR.

Donkey Kong JR. Arcade Game

Donkey Kong JR. - Classics Arcade Game available from Video Amusement

Donkey Kong Jr. is an arcade style game as was its predecessor. Donkey Kong JR. has 4 stages all of which the themes are quite different from the one before. Donkey Kong Jr. can run right and left as well as climb vines and ropes.

Climbing down is more effective if you use 1 vine and climbing up faster it is best to use 2 vines. Through this method is how Jr. attempts to rescue his Father.

Donkey Kong Jr. can only pass stages by reaching the key at the top. The final stage is when all lives are lost.

Dimensions:26"W x 40"L x 76"H
Power:120v AC, 3amps

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