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Model 11 Black & White Photo Booth

Photo Booths was developed specifically for the Government and Military ID photos.

The Model 11 Black & White Photo Booth for rent was manufactured in 1958 and initially developed specifically for the Government and Military ID photos.

Photos were taken by a second person using an external button. This was also the first photo booth to allow more than one set of photos to develop at a time, by the introduction of solenoids instead of giant mechanical gears, and a spider, which could hold seven individual strips of 4 photos at a time.

This was the prototype for the photo booths we continue to use today. We were lucky to purchase this beautiful original and are currently restoring this booth to its former glory. According to our sources, there are less than 10 of these stunning photo booths in operation in the United States. This photo booth is not going to be retrofitted to a digital system, but remain with the original chemical and film technology producing the original B&W single photo strips. The photo booth is available for rental on as prop. Please call us for availability and rates.

Dimensions: 31"W x 64"L x 74"H, 800 lb weight
Weight: 800lbs

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