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Toobin’ Arcade Game

Collect hidden letters to spell Toobin'.

Toobin’ Arcade Game for rent is an 80s classic video arcade game initially released in 1988 by the legendary arcade game maker Atari Games. The gameplay is based on the recreational whitewater tubing.

Toobin’ Arcade Game is a two-player game. The player inside the tube is floating down the rive competing in a river race against the computer of another player. The goal of gameplay is to collect score by swishing the gates and hitting other characters with cans. Furthermore, the score increases by receiving hidden letters to spell Toobin’ and hidden treasures. Even more, for added action, players can push each other into various obstacles.

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Dimensions: 26"W x 34"L x 73"H
Power: 120v AC, 3amps
Weight: 250lbs

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