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Catch the Light

Competitive speed and reflex game.

Catch the Light is a new speed and reflex game for rent. The game is extraordinary and highly competitive game that tests players’ hand coordination and reaction in time. Catch the Light is fast paced game where players must quickly press the lit buttons to outsmart the opponent. The players can play the game head-to-head against each other or individually to be the fastest player to race against the clock.

Catch the Light is a colorful game with multicolored LED sure to be the hit at any event, party or trade show. Watch in amazement as the guests challenge themselves to catch the fast moving flashing lights and show off their reflexes.

The Catch the Light game is similar to the popular Speed of Light game with a smaller footprint and easier setup. As a head-to-head table it is easier for children and adults to play the game with nice LED illumination in the dark.

The game is recommended for both adults and children.

Catch the Light for rent can be branded or personalized with corporate logos or graphics for a specific event. For further information, please contact our Video Amusement professional staff to learn more about the branding and customized wrapping, the process and steps involved in creating custom graphics and wraps.

Dimensions: 51"W x 31"L x 34"H single unit
Power: 120v AC, 2amps
Weight: 200lbs

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