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SnoCross Snowmobile Racing

Be Part Of The ESPN's popular Winter X-Games TV sporting event!

SnoCross Snowmobile Racing is the latest racing game on or after (raw thrills). It is equipped with a 42” LCD screen for the HD graphics as well as the motion seat to feel every movement.

An officially licensed game from ESPN, there is six (snow mobile racers), the same in sleds and incredible custom upgrades.

There are choices to make on what tracks you want to play. Each track is intense and varies across the world such as Moscow, Colorado or even France. Your choices are even more than this. The player has the ability to act upon the same tricks as observe on X- games. In order to capture the lead you can pitch snowballs at your enemy. Once you have obtained the required score you will receive a QR code on the screen, this code will allow you to scan it on your smartphone and post to your Facebook. SnoCross Snowmobile Racing has lots of airtime for you to utilize with doing insane tricks.

8 cabinets can be hooked up and you will have created a dynamic competitive environment.

Dimensions: 43"W x 84"L x 86"H-single game
Power: 120v AC, 5amps

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