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Klax Arcade Game

Classic puzzle game.

Klax Arcade Game for rent is a puzzle game released by Atari Games in 1990.

The game is similar to a successful Columns game released by Sega. The object of the game for rent is to line up colored bricks into rows, stacks, or diagonally of the same color to make them disappear.

The main difference between Klax Arcade Game and Columns game is the way the tiles drop. In Columns, the tiles fall from top to bottom in Klax Arcade Game for rent they approach from back to front on a “conveyor” belt. They continuously roll toward the player, delivering an endless supply of colored tiles. The game features various complicated steps and assignments to complete the stage. Of course, as the game progresses, the scenes get more and more difficult.

Klax Arcade Game is a great puzzle game and guaranteed to make you a Klax “buff.”

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Dimensions: 26"W x 30"L x 74"H
Power: 120v A120v AC, 3amps
Weight: 200lbs

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