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Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova Arcade Game

Original Arcade Dance Dance Revolution Game.

The hottest game in the arcades, Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova (DDR) for rent, is the last and most popular release of the very popular Konami Dance Dance Revolution Game. Up to 2 people at a time can play against each other or play for score. Players press the pads with their feet to line up the arrows as they correspond with the beat and rhythm of the music on the screen. Thanks to the advanced hardware system, the game features advanced graphics with improved animation of the on-screen dancers and music videos.

The game features 64 more songs than the previous version, with a total of 303 songs. Also, rented games feature a tutorial mode to teach new players the moves and necessary skills to master the gameplay. Several genres and music choices are available. There are five game modes with four difficulty levels of play to accommodate any player’s skill.

Rented Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova Games are a popular addition for corporate break rooms, school graduations and dances, bar/bat mitzvah, birthdays, church events, weddings, and other special celebrations. Are you looking to rent 1 or 8 DDR Games for your next party or event? Above all, we have multiple units in stock and ready for delivery.

This game is NOT the home version using Playstation and a home dance pad; this is the REAL arcade Dance Dance Revolution Game with the original rugged commercial dance pad!

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Video Amusement delivers our music and dance games for rent to the location in California. San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto. Monterey, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Silicon Valley, East Bay, Central Coast, and Bay Area cities. We cover Northern and Southern California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Western United States.

Dimensions: 70"W x 85"L x 89"H
Power: 120v AC, 8amps
Weight: 550lbs

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