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Daytona Championship USA 3 Arcade Game

Daytona is back! Daytona Championship USA 3 just arrived!

Daytona USA racing video game is back! The long-anticipated release of the sequel to the iconic Daytona USA racing video released in 1993 just arrived. Daytona Championship USA 3 Arcade Game for rent. Original Daytona USA racing rental simulator arcade game is one of the highest-grossing arcade games of all time. It is one of the most requested racing games by all generations. When released in 1993, this game was ahead of its time with a realistic appearance. Visually detailed cabinet and spectacular graphics not seen in a video game up until that time.

Daytona Championship USA 3 racing simulator arcade game for rent is no different. This is a game ahead of its time with a beautiful colorful, detailed cabinet with LED lights. The games feature top appearance, spectacular HD graphics, and gameplay. This game rental is sure to be the winner!

Daytona Championship USA 3 racing simulator arcade game features a camera located above the screen with face recognition and displays the live-action footage on another screen above the driver. Dayton Championship USA 3 racing simulator arcade game for rent is loaded with classic enhanced gameplay features. Including brand new features that improve visual appearance. It is incorporating LED lights, rolling start, drifting, three new tracks, but also three original remastered tracks.

More information about Daytona Championship USA 3 Arcade Game:

Head to head competition is the most prominent feature of this sequel. Up to 8 rented racing cabinets can be linked together for a competitive race. Get your friends together and lets race racing simulator arcade game!
You are behind the wheel of a stock car. Your objective is to outrun your competing opponents. Start your engines, build up momentum, avoid crashing, don’t scrape the walls or corners, and you will be zipping around the track at the “speed of LED light.” This racing simulator arcade game is not your average Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift Racing Simulator but a good iconic Daytona racing simulator game made by SEGA.

Video Amusement delivers our Daytona Championship USA 3 racing simulator arcade games for rent to the locations in Monterey Bay, greater San Jose and San Francisco Bay areas, Northern and Southern California, Las Vegas Nevada. Are you ready to rent 1 or 8 racing simulator arcade games for your next party or event? Video Amusement is here to help you!

Dimensions: 43"W x 84"L x 86"H-single game
Power: 120v AC, 5amps
Weight: 300lbs

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