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Site 4 / Area 51 – Shooting Game

Shooting game

This is an updated version of the Site 4 / Area 51 game. This however, has better graphics and more levels. You do have a choice of several training missions prior to starting the game.

There is a capability of 2 simultaneous players as well. A traditional light gun shooter game, however, there are things that make this game different from other light gun shooter games. For one thing there is no reloading, the player never runs out of ammunition. Bad characters will pop up and you will have to shoot them. You do have the occasional good character will pop up and you cannot shoot them.

Site 4 / Area 51 is a relatively short game with only 4 levels that doesn’t include the secret level plus a locked level.

Dimensions: 30"W x 38"L x 76"H
Power: 120v AC, 5amps

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