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Led Zeppelin Pinball Machine

Players are transported back to Led Zeppelin’s early days of the world tour.

Led Zeppelin Pinball Machine for rent from Stern Pinball is a high-energy rock and roll pinball concert experience with pinball and music fused together. Players are carried back to Led Zeppelin’s early days and tour the world from 1968-1980. During gameplay, players are members of the band playing its music. Their play updates game features at the start of each verse and chorus of ten iconic Led Zeppelin songs.

Led Zeppelin was formed in London in 1968. The original band consisted of vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham. The band became one of the best-selling artists with estimated record sales of 300 million units worldwide. In 1995 Led Zeppelin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for their groundbreaking and dominant impact on the whole music industry.

Led Zeppelin Pinball Machine rental features a custom-molded Hindenburg Zeppelin toy. The iconic imagery is from the Led Zeppelin I album. When lit, the Zeppelin toy scores speed locks on the player’s musical journey to Zeppelin multiball. A custom Swan Song Records trademark Icarus sculpted leaper toy takes flight when smashed by the chaotic pinball. A 3-bank of drop targets, three custom steel ramps, and three flippers keep the pinball action rolling. The custom lighting system with 96 intelligent RGB LEDs in true rock concert fashion enables full-color spectrum control. Positioned in pockets cut into the cabinet sides to provide color-themed full playfield illumination, this integrated playfield lighting system is synchronized to custom light shows designed for every song and dynamically responsive to game events.

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As a reprise, Led Zeppelin Pinball Machine has an additional reversing scoop and metal combo ramp, allowing players to keep the hits coming with constant exciting pinball action. A back panel mounted illuminated song status board indicates which Led Zeppelin song is in current play.

Video Amusement delivers rented Led Zeppelin Pinball Machine anywhere in California, San Francisco. San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, Monterey, Salinas, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego. Silicon Valley, East Bay, Central Coast, and Bay Area cites, including Las Vegas, Nevada, and the West Coast. Let’s light up your party with Led Zeppelin Pinball Machine.

Dimensions: 27"W x 55"L x 76"H
Power: 120v AC, 5amps
Weight: 250lbs

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