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Vindicators Video Arcade Game

You are in control of fuel guzzling tank.

Vindicators Video Arcade Game for rent is a two-player classic 80s video game developed and released in 1988 be Atari Games.

In the game, player is controlling the fuel-guzzling tank. The tank controlled by the player must be navigated through multiple levels from top to bottom. Along the way, it was avoiding obstacles and enemies. In each level, the player will find powerups. Those can be extra fuel, stars, shields, and weapons; quick shots and bombs or rockets. The goal in each level is to find a key to open a door. This will take the player to the next level or a unique hub with multiple powerups.

Vindicators Video Arcade Game gameplay offers a few twists. Between levels, the player is taken to a shop where upgrades can be purchased. The upgrades can be purchased with stars. Ultimately, the game is over, when the fuel is depleted. At that point, the speed of the tank is reduced, and the countdown begins. Of course, the tank will explode, and one life is lost.

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Dimensions: 26"W x 30"L x 74"H
Power: 120v AC, 3amps
Weight: 250lbs

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