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Whoa Nellie Pinball Machine

Take a journey through Mellon family farm.

Whoa Nellie Pinball Machine for rent from Stern Pinball brings you everything as it appears as a unique combination of modern and sophisticated technology with classical concepts of pinball, and we have a pinball machine that represents a fantastic style of art. From visual quality to gaming features, everything is simply excellent, and new players don’t take too much time to get familiar with the concepts of this game. The Whoa Nellie Pinball Machine playfield is classically styled and provides a stable platform for dealing with challenges imposed by play. The best part is that this particular game rewards players belonging to different levels of skills.

More information about Whoa Nellie Pinball Machine:

Some of the most exciting and unique features offered by Whoa Nellie Pinball Machine game are highlighted below:

  • Stern Pinball manufactures the game, and Dennis Nordman has designed the playfield. You are only going to love the design.
  • The design of a fruit crate and the cabinet is not unique but also reflects durability.
  • There are handsome illuminated classic machine score reels.
  • Dual-action bullseye melon target.
  • Players have the choice of making the selection of their brands, or they are free to utilize Whoa Nellie branded can.

In addition to this, many other exciting features are a part of this unique game.

Video Amusement delivers rented classic Pinball Machines in the Monterey Bay area. The greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, and the entire West Coast.

Dimensions: 27"W x 55"L x 76"H
Power: 120v AC, 5amps
Weight: 250lbs

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