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Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Classic Arcade Game

Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Classic Arcade will bring old memories.

Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Classic Arcade Game for rent is the latest release of officially licensed classic 80’s games from the legendary arcade maker NAMCO.

The Game includes 31 classic original video games. These games were initially released in the early ’80s during the “glory days” of the arcades.

This is one of the best and most popular collections of 31 original classic arcade games. Of course, you will find ever-popular titles like PAC-MAN and GALAGA and several popular variations of these well-liked titles. Included are also my personal favorite Dig Dug and Xevious games released initially by the legendary arcade maker ATARI.

More information about Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Classic Arcade Game:

Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Classic Arcade Game for rent contains the following 31 great titles all original 80’s arcade video games in one cabinet: Bosconian, DigDug, Dragon Spirit, Galaga, Galaga 88, Galaxian, Mappy, PAC-MAN, Pac-Mania, Rally-X, Rolling Thunder, Xevious, Baraduke, Dragon Buster, DigDug II, Tower of Druaga, Gaplus, Grobda, Hopping Mappy, King & Baloon, Metro-Cross, Motos, New Rally-X, Pac & Pal, PAC-MAN Plus, Rompers, Skykid, Skykid Deluxe, Splatterhouse, Super PAC-MAN, Super Xevious, and Ms. Pac Man.

Video Amusement delivers rented Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Classic Arcade Game in California, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara. Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, Monterey, Salinas, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Silicon Valley, East Bay. Central Coast and Bay Area cites as well Las Vegas Nevada and entire West Coast.


Dimensions: 26"W x 34"L x 73"H
Power: 120v AC, 3amps
Weight: 225lbs

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