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Portable Axe Throwing Game Rental

Grab your axe, take aim at the target, and go for the bullseye!

Axe Throwing is the latest trend in entertainment. It is the ultimate interactive experience for fun with friends, family, and team building.

The backwoods pastime of Axe Throwing has gone mainstream, and we’re here for it. Grab your axe, aim at the target, and go for the bullseye!

The original Axe Throwing game is played with real steel axes, and that is a major safety concern. Many people are eager to try this exciting new game but hesitant due to its safety.

Our Portable Axe Throwing Game for rent uses safety axes constructed from plastic and foam and specifically designed to stick in the unique bristle target. The axe target comprises hundreds of 2-inch plastic bristles and is specifically designed to catch axes throw after throw safely. The heavy-duty target stands 5 feet tall. The target-wide base allows the game to be set up on various surfaces. You can play Portable Axe Throwing Game in the grass, sand, or pavement, and it is perfect for playing on the beach, tailgate tarmac, park, or in your own backyard.

Portable Axe Throwing Game for rent has lightweight red and blue safety axes. Two players or teams take turns throwing safety hatchets at the target. This Portable Axe Throwing Game is exceptionally forgiving. Safety axes are easy to throw and stick to the target at about any angle. This makes it easier for beginners, kids of all ages, and ability levels. So, get out and test your accuracy, sharpen your skills, or just have fun with your friends and family throwing safety axes at the Portable Axe Throwing Game Target!

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Dimensions: Space required: 10-15 ft length x 8 ft width
Power: No Power Required
Weight: 50 lbs

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