The Flintstones Pinball

The Flintstones Pinball Game

The Flintstones pinball - Classic Pinball Collection

Flintstones Pinball is a pinball game released by Williams in 1994 based on the film of the same name. The Flintstones pinball machine also featured voice-overs provided by John Goodman, Rick Moranis and Harvey Korman, actors from the film, as well the theme song from the TV series. The Flintsones pinball machine offered a unique feature known as smart ramps which allowed the game to decide which flipper to feed the ball to, through a plastic loop at the bottom. There are 4 modes in this game, with a Mystery Mode for completing them.

Start a mode by completing 1-2-3 on the ramps. Modes are displayed in a line on the playfield. Lit ones have been played, the flashing one will be started next, and dark ones are yet to be played. Modes can run concurrently, and during multiball.

Dimensions:27"W x 55"L x 76"H
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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