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Giant Ring Toss Carnival Game

Take your turn and try your best!

Giant Ring Toss Carnival Game is one of the oldest classic carnival games. It is a true carnival classic! The object of the game is to toss provided rings on to the glass bottles. The game is a little hard and challenging. Ring toss game requires skill and hand-eye coordination. Most of the time, you just get lucky and win! It is very addictive; players cannot stop once they start. Take your turn and try your best!

Our Giant Ring Toss Carnival Game is custom made with 100 bottles lined in rows 10 x 10 bottles. It is a large game suitable for high volume events. This is great game where guests can play from all 4 sides. The game comes with at least 200-300 rings to accommodate multiple players. We have medium size rings to accommodate all ages and skill levels. Upon request, we can provide an attendant to help with running the game.

Rented Giant Ring Toss Carnival Game is a popular addition for school carnivals, corporate parties, trade shows and promotional events. The game is extremely popular at giveaway events. At the trade shows and promotional events our client find the game the ideal way of promoting their product. They find it as a perfect way to reach out to their potential clients.

More information about Rented Giant Ring Toss game:

Rented Giant Ring Toss game can be branded or custom wrapped covering all external panels of the game, as well as bottles. For further information, please contact our professional graphics department staff.

Our Giant Ring Toss Carnival Games are available for rent in California, San Francisco, Moscone Center, San Jose, Santa Clara and Bay Area Cities. Video Amusement covers Nevada Las Vegas Convention Center. Sands Expo Convention Center, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, MGM Grand Conference Center, T-Mobile Arena and all the Western States. We have multiple units in stock and ready for your guests to enjoy.

Dimensions: 48"W x 48"D x 35"H (Space needed 8 x 8 feet)
Power: No power required.
Weight: 250lbs

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