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Transformers Pro Pinball

An epic Transformers pinball game adventure!

Transformers Pro Pinball Machine is fun new pinball machine based on the iconic Transformers brand from Hasbro – casual players and avid fans can all expect nothing less than an epic Transformers pinball game adventure! Players will experience the classic battle between the heroic “Optimus Prime” and the villainous “Megatron” as well as many other beloved AutoBot and Deception characters from the Transformers triple blockbuster.

Transformers Pinball Machine Pro Model Features:

  • “Megatron Vehicle Form” Rapid-Fire Multiball Mode with “Cyber” Ball Lock and Illuminated Eyes
  • “Optimus Prime” target with “M.T.M.T.E.” (More Than Meets The Eye) elevating ramp to hit target, “Bumblebee Captive”
  • Camaro target captive ball accelerates car into target, “Decepticon” Laser-Cut Steel Ramp
  • “Ironhide” Character and Ramp
  • (3) “Devastator” Pop Bumpers
  • (1) “Autobot / Decepticon” Spinning Target
  • “All-Spark Cube” Eject Hole, Color-Themed Star Posts in “Decepticon Violet” and “Autobot Crimson” colors
  • Art Themed Silk Screened “Roll Out!” Ramps
  • “Cybertron Zenith Orbit Shot” with electronically-controlled gate
  • Hi-Definition Cabinet Artwork and Decals
  • Traditional Coin-Op Coin Door
  • “Autobots Vs. Decepticons” Themed Cabinet and Back Box with “Autobot” Art on right side panels and “Decepticon” Art on left side panels and “Vector Sigma Data Track” QR Codes.
Dimensions: 27"W x 55"L x 76"H
Power: 120v AC, 5amps

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