Airline Pilots

SEGA Boeing 777 Airplane Simulator

SEGA Airline Pilots - Boeing 777 Simulator available for rent from Video Amusement

Sega the flight simulator giants developed this Boeing 777 flight simulator. Airline Pilots is a full on automatic flight simulator that is big on realistic features realistic scenery and controls. The player has all of the work from taking off flying and then the landing. The player also has the options to make flights any time of the day and night.

To add to the realistic touch Airline Pilots arcade game has 29-inch monitor to work from in the DX model. This is a 1999 release date from Sega products and is an sitdown standard machine. The sound is amplified stereo. There is a control panel layout with a throttle lever and an X/Y direction yoke.

Dimensions:38"W x 64"L x 74"H
Power:120v AC, 8amps

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